Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Tillerman

Some of you will be trying to guess the origin. Others will just relish in the discovery of such a great affordable alternative with a delicious personality. It's not sweet at all but neither does it turn your mouth inside out on the way to its perfect finish. Excellent value.

Style: Crisp, dry, somewhat tropical and very refreshing.


pfb360 said...

Very classy sir!

David said...

I expect you will inspect the vinyards while out here for the worlds, no?

O Docker said...

You know, I really wouldn't mind if you did a post about wine once a week or so.

Lasers may be all well and good, but how can you not like a post that features a fruity varietal with a great finish?

Tillerman said...

Thanks Peter and O.

David, I have decided not to go to the Laser Masters Worlds this year. Full discussion of why in the post and comments here.

Baydog said...

Two words: Brant Beach

What made you think of wine, Tillerman?

Tillerman said...

Baydog, this post was a double post-modernist homage to your post today (cheap wine) and Michael's (random puffin.)

Brant Beach this summer is hosting the Laser NAs I think? That kind of regatta is not so appealing to me these days. Too many hot shot kids and way too many mommy boats. I think BBYC is hosting a major Laser Masters event in 2012? If so, I may come down for that.

I may come down to NJ for July 4th weekend. Some friends of mine have organized a regatta and are claiming it was my idea! Pure blackmail!

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