Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Still Crazy After All These Years

Update 4 March 2011. Go to Why Don't You Write Me? to vote in the poll to decide the winner of this competition.

Thanks to everyone who participated in last month's group writing project Navigation. The response was astounding. I think we had 25 entries in all. And I was blown away by your creativity and inventiveness on what could have been a somewhat dry subject compared to some of our previous topics.

We had useful advice and scary tales of near disasters. We had navigation while cruising, racing, kayaking, swimming, driving, hiking... and then we had some entries that stretched the definition of navigation further than I had ever imagined. We had serious and silly, truth and fantasy, prose and poetry... the variety was amazing. After all the years we have been doing these group writing projects, I'm pleased to see that you, my readers, are all still as crazy as ever.

Here is the full list of entries....

John from PDX gave us a story of a navigational error that almost ended in disaster in The Graveyard of the Pacific and also asked How about this for navigation?

Jos also told us about one of his navigational screw-ups in A map, a compass and not much else.

Mojo was lost in the fog in Open Water.

Wavedancer managed to lose his way while racing his Laser in A failure to communicate.

And My2fish had difficulties in his parent's driveway in navigating past the goose.

Captain JP's Log posted five entries. Is this a record? There was a story about a Navigational mistake in an ocean race and and an unconventional take on navigation idea in Navigating the land of the dead. JP revisited his archive to remind us with Why lambs are navigational hazards and then ventured into surrealism in This is not a navigation post. And what would JP be without his alter ego Buff Staysail who gave us The Buff Guide to Navigation. Bravo Sir!

O Docker wrote A History of Navigation, In Verse and pointed us to some of his earlier posts on the topic while Navigating Treacherous Waters.

Bonnie is Paddling Blind and Buoy Crazy. What's new? She also reminded us of one of the gems from her archives  by revisiting "Paperless Charts".

Carol Anne decided on a unique direction on the navigation theme to tell us why fire engines are red and the difference between a begonia and a double begonia or, how to get from here to there ....

Baydog combined three completely different aspects of navigation in Driveways, menus and GPS and, in a cryptic mood, said Coxswain = Navigator. Hmmm!

Joel Taylor instructed us on How not to Navigate with GPS

Smilicus also had some excellent advice about not relying too much on gadgets in Aliens shot down our satellites.

Zen said I believe in Duct Tape. Huh?

Sam Chapin told us a true-life story of natural navigation in LASERS DON'T NAVIGATE.

And I was feeling lazy and could only rustle up Hello Lamp Post What Cha Knowing?

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Did I miss anybody?

And now I have to get back to the hard work of compiling a short list of posts eligible for the grand prize of Tristan Gooley's new book The Natural Navigator. It's a tough task with so many high quality entries to chose from.


bonnie said...

good heavens, we're all so reticent all the sudden...

kiwiyates said...

Hi Tillerman,

Just a quick note to let you know that Sam Chapins wife died this morning. She had been ill for a couple of weeks with breathing issues (longterm). She was 81, they have been married nearly 55yrs, a wonderful lady and our Laser PRO every race week - the perfect sailors wife! We will miss her.

bonnie said...

oh no.

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