Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where Have You Gone?

Radial sailor Jody Machio at the SailFit clinic in Clearwater, Florida this week, demonstrating the advanced Laser skill of keeping the boat on the plane while her body is totally immersed.


Sam Chapin said...

Looks more like Jody fell or slipped out of the boat. Sail luffing with tiller hard to port and rudder hard over to the right. Maybe she is still hanging onto tiller extension.

Anonymous said...

Better to hang on to the sheet!


Mr. Gladstone said...

Or your cupcakes.

O Docker said...

You're up to no good again, I just know it.

Trying to find out more about this photo online, I did my usual Google Image search. This time, I searched for sailfit clinic.

OK, no luck. The only instance of the photo was the one in this blog post. But then, as I scrolled down through the results of the Google Image search, I noticed there were dozens of images you've posted to your blog over the past few years - none of which has anything to do with 'sailfit' or 'clinic'.

Farther down, practically every image is from your blog.

I think you have finally figured out how to control the internet for evil purposes.

This has me a lot more worried than whether or not anyone is actually sailing that Laser.

Mr. Robinson said...

I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Plastic boats.

BlueVark said...

Where have you gone Jody Machio
A laser turns a lonely gybe for you ... whoo hoo hoo
Whats that you say Mr Tillerman
poor old Jody's left the boat today... hey hey hey

tillerman said...

Nice Blue Vark. It's good to know that at least one of my readers appreciates my peculiar sense of humor.

Unknown said...

That was our seminar.The sailor was Ned Lawson. Yes he is still hanging on to the tiller.

O Docker... The picture is posted on the SailFit Facebook Page. I have not posted it on our web site yet. We run seminars 4 times a year in CLearwater Florida.

Tillerman...Thanks for the shout out!! When are you coming back to Florida!

Tillerman said...

Hi Meka. Yes, I stole the photo from the SailFit Facebook page. Presumably Facebook's renowned privacy features prevented it from being visible via Google to O Docker. The name of the sailor in my post was, of course, fictional.

The photo was also used by the author of Apparent Wind in his post Scooped. That post also includes a picture which explains why you should hang on to the sheet, not the tiller if you fall off your Laser. I did write a post about this a while back: Hang on to the Mainsheet. Although I have to confess that when I fell off my Laser sailing back to the club on the last day of the Masters Worlds last year, I forgot my own advice and held on to the tiller (and somehow managed not to bend or break it.)

I really must come back to SailFit soon Meka. Friends attending both your clinics this month asked me to join them but I've been having a lazy few months. By the way, the finger injury I sustained last time I was there has left me with a numb finger pad which I found is actually a real advantage when playing the guitar. It's amazing what benefits accrue from a SailFit clinic!

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