Tuesday, May 03, 2011

British Girls on Top

Congratulations to the British women for their tremendous success in the Semaine Olympique Française at Hyères last week.

Lucy Macgregor, Annie Lush and Kate Macgregor won gold in the women’s match racing event, winning the final round 3-0 against the American team.

I'm not sure if their headgear is the latest "go fast" equipment for girls in keelboats or something to do with that wedding in London last week.

Meanwhile in the women's 470 class the relatively new pairing of Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark won the silver medal, with teammates Penny Clark and Katrina Hughes taking bronze.

Saskia Clark and Hannah Mills

Update: The photo above has been changed since the original publication of this post. The original photo was actually of Saskia and her former 470 partner Sarah Ayton, and was incorrectly captioned. Thanks to the anonymous commenter for pointing out my error.

And in the RS:X women’s event, Bryony Shaw was fifth heading into the medal race, but she won that race to secure the bronze medal.

In other news about British women, the Royal Wedding is still generating buzz on Facebook. The page for Princess Beatrices's ridiculous hat has 128,759 fans...

... while Pippa Middleton's bottom has 175,037 fans.

We report. You decide.

All in all an excellent week for British ladies. Love them all.

God Save the Queen. We are the champions...


JP said...

Yah! (again)

Good to see that irony is still alive if Beatrice's hat is getting all those likes.

Fingers crossed my Olympics ticket applications go through so I can see the girls racing next year.

Tillerman said...

Facebook is very clever. Even if you want to express a negative opinion on one of those pages you have to "like" it first.

Good luck with the ticket applications. I think the British sailors (men and women) are going to do very well in 2012.

Tillerman said...

According to Site Meter this post seems to be unusually popular. I don't quite know why. My occasional posts about Olympic class sailing regattas aren't usually this popular.


Now I see what's happening. It's getting a lot of hits from Google Image search. Apparently a lot of people, mainly in the UK and Australia, are searching for pictures of Ms. Middleton's bottom, and they are finding my serious post about a major Olympic sailing regatta.

Oh well.

Go to bed guys. It's late where you are. Pleasant dreams.

JP said...

I suspect the post subject might have helped too ;)

Tillerman said...

It is true that the post is now #2 in Google for a search on "British Girls on Top." But I haven't noticed any visitors arriving from that destination.

I did also check out what you get when you search "girls on top". Uh oh. Who would have thought you could find stuff like that on the Interwebs? I'm shocked!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be pedantic, but the photo in your blog of "Hannah Mills & Saskia Clark" is actually of Sarah Ayton & Saskia Clark.

Tillerman said...

Oops. Anonymous you are absolutely right. Sorry about that. I will correct it.

PeconicPuffin said...

Windsurfing or Pippa's bottom? I'm going to have to go with Bryony, but it was close. Now if you had Pippa in that green dress, I don't know what I'd do.

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