Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Of Us Writing Postcards

Carl Larsson - Model writing postcards - 1906

Two more entries today in this month's group writing project Please Please Me in which I invited you to write posts inspired by Beatles song titles or Beatles song lyrics...

My2fish has here comes the sun[fish] a story about Sir Paul McCartney sailing a Sunfish recently in Rio. Bravo sir, not only a post with a Beatles-inspired title on a sailing topic, but actually a post about a Beatle sailing. Double points!

Meanwhile, in a ground-breaking piece of research into Beatles history, Baydog has uncovered a hitherto unknown fact: the song that the world eventually knew as Hey Bulldog was originally called Hey Stinkbug! He has even included a copy of the original lyrics (complete with crossing-outs and corrections) in John Lennon's own handwriting! Wow! I wonder what that would be worth at auction?

Those are the only two valid entries in the group writing project in the last few days. I'm not even going to count the post from some dirty old man who seems to think the only reason the Internet exists is so that he can post photos of attractive young ladies in bikinis. Disgusting!

The clock is still running. You too can still enter this group writing project. I know some of you are teetering on the brink of entering. Complete details and rules (no more bikinis please) at Please Please Me.


George A said...

Love the Carl Larsson water color. This is a new one for me and I've viewed quite a lot of my Swedish wife's calendars!

Tillerman said...

Thanks George. I'm pleased someone appreciates my efforts to raise the intellectual tone of this blog.

Lifetime Boater said...

" I'm pleased someone appreciates my efforts to raise the intellectual tone of this blog." << LOL!!

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Al Gore invent the internet specifically to promote the sharing of bikini coeds?

Tillerman said...

Anonymous - not exactly. But you are nearer to the truth than you might imagine.

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