Friday, May 20, 2011

One and One and One is Three

Three more entries today in this month's group writing project Please Please Me in which I invited you to write posts inspired by Beatles song titles or Beatles song lyrics.

Jack Ryan who hangs out at ManCaveAlpha has submitted She's Leaving Home, a touching tale of his feelings for his own daughter and memories of things they did together as she now prepares to leave home. He says he has told her that "if you want to launch big ships, you have to go where the water is deep." Deep. Very deep.

She's Leaving Home was on the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band released in 1967, and was inspired by a true story that Paul and John saw in the Daily Mirror newspaper about a 17-year-old girl called Melanie Coe. Not everyone knows that a couple of years later in 1969, Melanie was dating Burt Ward, who played Robin in the sixties TV series Batman. It must be true. I read it in the Daily Mail. Let's hope that Jack Ryan's daughter has better taste in men.

Andrew Sadler who writes SadlerBootwerk is also thinking of his daughter, Em, and wants to watch her sail in an Optimist regatta this weekend. So he is lending his 16m2 to his friend Jaap so he can sail it in the class's 80th birthday regatta. What a guy! I wonder if Andrew was singing (Baby you can) Drive My Car as he handed the boat over to Jaap? If so, I hope Jaap didn't misunderstand him because, according to Wikipedia which is never wrong, Paul McCartney knew when he and John wrote Drive My Car that the title was an old blues euphemism for sex. I'm shocked! We were so innocent in the sixties we would never have thought of that.

Finally, Smilicus, our blogging friend from South Africa, has submitted Taxman. He seems to think that Davy Jones and the taxman are equally voracious. Taxman was a George Harrison composition and was the opening track on the Beatles' 1966 album Revolver. Not many people know that Taxman received the ultimate accolade that any song can achieve when Weird Al Jankovic recorded a parody of it in 1981 called Pac-Man.

There's still plenty of time for you to enter this contest. I guess it's a contest. There might be a prize. I'm not sure whether to donate my old sailing socks or the bottom half of my broken Laser mast. I'm sure both have considerable sentimental value for folk who have read about them on this blog. How could anyone resist such a prize? Full details of how to enter at Please Please Me.


Smilicus said...

Didn't know Weird Al did a remake of the song (Pac Man. can see the similarity between the Taxman and Pacman (takes everything) hehe

Tillerman said...

Exactly. One of the verses goes...

I love to gobble up those dots
Keep pumpin' quarters in the slots
They call it Pacman
Yeah it's the Pacman

Pat said...

Helter Sailor:

"When I sink to the bottom
I float back on the turn of the tide..."

also starting to catch up on California coast pictures

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