Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Cool Cats

Yet another two entries today in this month's group writing project Please Please Me in which I invited you to write posts inspired by Beatles song titles or Beatles song lyrics. Will it never end?

But these are very special entries from very special and unusual people.

First of all we have an entry from the famous Joe Rouse, creator and CEO of the famous Horse's Mouth blog, the best blog on the planet about fishing on Fridays. It must be true. I read it on the Interwebs. Joe offers To Know Her Is To Love Her which, typical of his post-modernist humoristical style, is partly in Russian and includes a picture of a lady in a bikini whom he calls 'Bridget Bardot' though I believe her closest friends call her Brigitte.

To Know Her Is To Love Her? It's just like Joe with his mysterious ways and liking for verbal puzzles and puns to choose one of the most obscure Beatles songs. They didn't write it. (Phil Spector did.) And they never released it as a record during the time they were working together as a group.

But they did play this song at their audition for Decca Records on New Year's Day 1962. In one of the most awful decisions ever in the history of pop music, Decca passed on the Beatles and didn't offer them a recording contract, giving the reason that "guitar groups are on the way out, Mr Epstein."

The Beatles also played this song on the BBC Radio show Pop Go The Beatles in 1963. This version was eventually released in 1994 on the Live At The BBC collection. But I owned a recording of this song back in 1963. My sister and I started on our lives of crime as serial copyright infringers at an early age by recording all sorts of songs off the radio and TV on one of those open reel tape recorders. My little sister loved this song. She had a serious teenage crush on Paul McCartney and I vividly remember her singing to one of the many life-size pictures of Paul on her bedroom wall, "To love love love him is to know know know him." (She already loved him. By twisting the lyrics of the song she now imagined she knew him! I don't think she reads this blog. Hope not!)

But how does Joe "know" Brigitte Bardot? Inquiring minds demand to know, Joe.

Our second post today is from an even more unusual and strange person than Joe Rouse. Because she doesn't really exist. At least not in our world. She is the figment of someone's imagination. She is one of those people that only "lives" in the virtual reality world Second Life.

But wait. It gets better. When I first set up this group writing project I jokingly challenged my readers to write posts about sailing based on some of the more outlandish Beatles song titles such as She Came In Through The Bathroom Window or Polythene Pam.

I never imagined that anyone would actually do it. But Noodle has.

Noodle's entry is an argument for wooden boats over fiberglass boats. But in Second Life where nobody has to do any actual boat maintenance the case is somewhat different. So please enjoy No more Polyester Pam.

Aren't Joe and Noodle two cool cats?

Unlike the first song, I have no personal intimate memories to share about Polythene Pam. 1969 is all a blur to me now.

There's still plenty of time for you to write a post inspired by a Beatles song and enter the contest. It seems to be going on for ever. Is there an end date? God only knows. Is there a prize? I have no idea. This all seems so 1969 right now. Just remember that "in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make."

Full details of how to enter at Please Please Me.


Joe said...

Oops! Damn my 'merican edukation.

Joe said...

Kung ako ay isang oras machine, Gusto ko bumalik sa oras at sipa Roger Vadim sa labas ng larawan.

bonnie said...

Tillerman, I'm not sure it was intended as another submission but there's something in the comments section from my Friday "Don't Fry Day" post that you might want to consider.

Fred said...

Great theme Tillerman. I am following it but have difficulties to participate. Just recently saw an interesting movie which is a (fictive) plot between Paul visiting John in NY whilst Yoko is out of house. Paul nearly got John to come to a Jam session but than, Yoko rang...

Anyway, I was singing a lot, loud and proud: "I should have know better" when doing the washing up (dishes) for my class mates on a school trip in the Mosel region. Later on I drifted to the more R & B orientated Rolling Stones and learnt were all the wonderful songs came from. Howling Wolf, Big Joe Williams, Chuck Berry and a lot of others. The legendary Folk & Blues festivals from the early 70´s. Oh, I should repair my record player.

Thanks for making my day. Nearly every day.

Tillerman said...

Hi Fred, I too was more into the Rolling Stones music than that of the Beatles, but I thought the Beatles were more widely known and would be better for this project.

I must look up that movie you mentioned. I think I read about it somewhere else too.

Fred said...


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