Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bloggers Go Sailing

The Puma Ten got to go out sailing on Mar Mostro in Abu Dhabi today. Looks like they had a wonderful time.

Here's Brian DiFeo at the helm of Mar Mostro.

photo taken by takingyerphoto

And Yimmyayo posted this picture with the comment, "Steering a 6 million dollar boat. No Biggie."

Yimmyayo also tweeted, "Easily one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done in my life."

And Jamie Beck of From Me To You tweeted, "I think I have a new hobby after today."

I think they get it!


Tillerman said...

Welcome to visitor #600,000 to Proper course who dropped in about half an hour ago from Israel, apparently searching for an image of a tie and stumbling into my post about sailing a Laser with the tiller tied off, Lasers Tie It Down.

Sam Chapin said...

What is that round thing they are holding on to?

Sam Chapin said...

Congratulations on 600,000. That stats section is amazing.

Emily Qualey said...

Looks and sounds like they all had a grand time.

Tillerman said...

Certainly does Emily. And maybe these photos and blog posts by fashion/ entertainment bloggers having fun on a sailing boat will inspire a few of their many readers to head down to their local yacht club or community sailing center this summer and ask about how they too can try out the sport of sailing.

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