Saturday, January 07, 2012

Why Earwigoagin is the Best Sailing Blog on the Planet

The reason I chose Earwigoagin by Tweezerman as the Best Sailing Blog on the Planet 2011 in my list of Top Sailing Blogs of 2011 is that if I had had to pick one blog, and only one, to read last year it would have been Earwigoagin.

Tweezerman covers sailing from every angle. He writes about his own sailing today, and his own sailing decades ago. He covers current sailing news and sailing history. He has great pictures and great music. At times he educates me; at other times he makes me laugh; he always entertains me.

He wrote a terrific series of article in 2011 about the summer three decades ago when he raced sailed three world championships in five weeks, the International Canoe Worlds, the International 14 Team Racing Championship (the most prestigious event and the defacto world championship at the time apparently) and the actual official International 14 Worlds.

Our man claims that he wasn't World Championship caliber but here's a photo of him leading one race in the International Canoe Worlds...

... and he was a member of the first and only East Coast team to win the International Team Race series. That's our hero on the right, I believe.

These days, it seems that the Classic Moth is Tweezerman's boat of choice and he couldn't resist have a little dig at me (and 200,000 other Laser sailors) with his post on Why a Classic Moth is Better than a Laser. I forgive you, Sir. But even this Moth fanatic has been spotted trying to be a Faux Laser Sailor and he has written 38 other posts about Lasers so he's not all bad.

I love the variety in Earwigoagin. Tweezerman covers the America's Cup and weird European regatta party traditions; he reports on the Volvo Ocean race and reviews pumpkin beer; he has posted several articles about crash boat operation and also some photos of his friend Bob's model boats. I could go on. Always fascinating stuff.

So if you haven't enjoyed the Tweezerman's work before, head over to Earwogoagin and browse around. You won't be disappointed. A very worthy holder of the title Best Sailing Blog on the Planet 2011.


O Docker said...

I think you're just chagrined that that hiking gizmo they were using on IC's 30 years ago is nearly the same as the doohickey in your last post that you called 'the future' of Laser sailing.

So Tweezerman's thinking must be at least 35 years ahead of yours.

And wow, it must be at least 35 years since I used 'chagrined' in a sentence.

Tillerman said...

O Docker. You obviously didn't read Tweezerman's post about his sticky buns.


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