Friday, January 13, 2012


the romanian mob
Photo by jonrawlinson on flickr

This week my old friends in the sailing blogosphere have been acting... well, like old men.

O Docker was moved to such a state of apoplexy by the achievements of a group of talented young people that he spluttered the blasphemous question, "Is blogging dead?"

Joe Rouse seems to have been visiting the wayback files and sounds like my mother-in-law when he asks "Computers, Are They The Wave Of The Future?"

And Yarg has apparently spent all the winter in his basement pursuing such rewarding pastimes as sanding and varnishing shovel and rake handles while listening to 70's music. Sheesh!

It's time for an intervention. Really people, you need to get out on a boat some time in the near future. Yarg and I and some other sailing buddies are jetting away next week to the Dominican Republic for some serious Laser action in Cabarete. Joe and O, you need to get your butts off that park bench and do something similar.


O Docker said...

Nah, I don't think blogging's dead. I think the youngsters may be re-inventing it, though.

I do notice that many of the blogs I follow seem to be slowing down a bit (mine, included). And some of those folks seem to be spending more time on Facebook. Oh, the humanity!

Joe said...

Oh my, Facebook is so yesterday. It's Google+ and tumblr now, my lads.

By the bye, I think it's a capital idea for the bookends to make their way to Cabarete. Since you are a member of the one percent, will you be paying for our airfare and accommodations, Mr. Tillerman?

Tillerman said...

Google+ and tumblr are so 2011. It's Pinterest and HATCHEDit now, my lads.

The one percent is so last year too. You have to be a vulture capitalist to be anybody now.

Joe said...

I knew it was a bad move to crawl out the sea. But I had to listen to my wife, she's always telling me to evolve.

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