Sunday, February 26, 2012

Notes from Cabarete

I took a lot of notes when I attended the clinic at the Laser Center in Cabarete last month. Unfortunately, my handwriting is quite bad and now I can't read most of my notes.  Here are the ones I can decipher...

Mmmmm. Velero breakfast.

Mark vang.

The easiest way to derig a Laser is to take out the whole rig (mast, sail and boom with vang still rigged) and put it into a specially designed rack.

The fish and chips at Jose O'Shea's is a lot better than the bangers and mash at Jose O'Shea's.

Trim, trim, trim, pump, flatten.

An even easier way to derig a Laser is to look old or helpless or tired (or female) until one of the helpful young men working at the Laser Center offers to carry your rig to the specially designed rack.

Shrimp a la Papi is to die for.

High, looser, looser, looser.

It's easier than you think to break your ridiculously expensive carbon fiber tiller extension, even on the land.

Honeys and mamas.

Two up, one forward.

It's easier than you think to buy a new ridiculously expensive carbon fiber tiller extension in Cabarete to replace the one you broke.

No socks.

More duct tape.

Nice regatta awards. Must win one next time.



Center of Effort said...

I laughed so hard I wet my pants. Oh and I may have been the only girl but there were several men there acting like girls. Does that count?

Tillerman said...

Men acting like girls? I have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Just saying hello. Here from Texas

Anonymous said...

I wonder does

"High, looser, looser, looser."


a) pinching is slow,
b) consumation of conscience-impairing substances is slow or
c) both a) and b)?

Tillerman said...

Good question Anonymous. Some of my notes are a little cryptic. But I think this one had something to do with sail controls.

Spencer said...

The best sailing I have ever done has been in Caberete. It is a wonderful place to be on the water.

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