Thursday, February 09, 2012

Captkev Where Are You?

I still haven't heard yet from captkev, one of the winners of our draw for free tickets to the New England Boat Show. I did make it clear when announcing the contest that entrants needed to come back to this site on Monday evening or Tuesday to see if they had won, and if so to email me ( their snail mail addresses.

But I still haven't heard from captkev and the boat show starts on Saturday. So, captkev, if I don't hear from you by 6pm today Thursday 9 Feb I will select someone else to receive your tickets. Sorry, but I don't want them to be wasted.

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Tillerman said...

Sorry kev. Haven't heard from you. I did another random draw among the remaining entrants and the winner is Judith Krimski.

Full disclosure - I do already know Judith. She was one of our group that went to Cabarete. But I never said in the rules that friends couldn't enter the draw, and she won fair and square.

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