Sunday, February 05, 2012

Tillerman Runs Without a Limp

What kind of blog post title is that? "Tillerman runs without a limp." So what?

Well, I have been suffering from some weird kind of ankle injury the last few weeks. It doesn't hurt when I run or when I sail a Laser. But sometimes it hurts when I am sitting down doing something strenuous like blogging. And yesterday I went for a walk with Tillerwoman and it hurt when I was walking. Weird!

Yes, I knew you would be interested. It's OK right now. Thank you for asking.

I thought I would tell you that "Tillerman runs without a limp" because I discovered something while using the Google to do a bit of research on this SuperbOwl nonsense happening later today.

Apparently there is some large man called Mr. Gronkowski who is playing for a team called the Foxboro Patriots in the SuperbOwl, and it's all over the Google that Mr. Gronkowski walks without a limp. Huh? No really, it's big news this weekend in Foxboro.

As a service to my readers I did a bit more research into Mr. Gronkowski and discovered two facts about him. He did sprain his ankle recently. And he is a "tight end" whatever one of those is.

Further research revealed that, in American English, this is what is known as a "tight end."

I still don't get it. Do they play tennis in the SuperbOwl?


George A said...

Tillerman, wonder news, re: your ankle. I think the rest are too busy studying your fabulous example of a "tight end" to properly steer some comforting congratulatory comments your way. Enjoy the superbOwl (assuming you plan to watch it). I probably will since there's no ice dancing or Yot racing scheduled on any of the 9000 cable channels we receive.

Tillerman said...

Hey George. There was some yotting on ESPN Classic yesterday - a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the 1987 America's Cup (won by Dennis Conner in Perth on 4 Feb 1987) with some new interviews with DC and some others.

The bit I enjoyed the most was how they tried to explain match racing to non-sailors back in 1987. They had a young Gary Jobson, wearing street clothes, standing in a pool with water up to his waist, holding a model boat in each hand and moving the boats around in the water as he tried to explain circling before the start and covering on a beat etc. etc. Priceless!

Now Go Pat's. I think that's something to do with the Superb Owl. But I have no idea who Pat is and which of his possessions we want to go away. Does the owl belong to Pat?

Baydog said...

Hey, now what are you gonna watch tonight if you already watched yotting last night?

Pat said...

Obviously the ankle problem is a computer overuse injury; perhaps you've been having to kick the computer too often.

Oh, yes, we saw the 25th Cup anniversary show last night, too.

I believe the Super bOwl thingie has two different genders of "tight ends". The male versions will appear during the "quarters". The female versions appear during the "halftime show" and are led by a "Madonna", which would appear to be some sort of biblical reference indicating that the Super bOwl may be some sort of religious rite for Americans, particularly the Yanquis of New England and New York (although there is some indication that New York is in New Jersey).

I hope this is all perfectly clear.

Tillerman said...

Holy Mother of Jesus is doing the half-time show? How much did they have to pay for that?

Baydog - I think I have 8999 other TV channels to watch. One of them might be showing a good movie. Or I could watch again my recording of Gary Jobson up to his ass in a swimming pool playing with toy boats.

George A said...

Tillerman: Involving the mother of God in this contest appears to be totally appropriate--towards the end of the game the losing team in some sort of fit of religious fervor often offers an end game toast--a "hail Mary". I don't know what they drink during all this but it seems this toast is seldom the preferred tipple of the mother of God. Maybe she likes a cider drink...

Tillerman said...

Thanks for that tip George. If I do accidentally see any of the SuperbOwl this evening while switching channels I will be sure to look out for the "Hail Mary."

But how will I recognize it? Does Mary appear in the outfield? (Do they even call it the outfield?)

George A said...

Naw, not that one. I know it's confusing--Madonna--Mary, whatever, but trust me nobody's gonna raise a glass to the one at half time. As for the outfield that's in a different game altogether--"Basu-Boru". I'm told it's v. popular in Japan. We should ask Sweet Bluesette sometime.

Now I don't want to add to the possible confusion but in this Basu-boru game quite often, at least this is what I've been told by people who should know, during "pop flys" and "double plays" Mary quite often bends over and ties her shoe laces during critical moments or sometimes has been seen "looking the other way". This leaves me to wonder why anyone toasts her with a "hail Mary"??? These team sports are always so baffling.

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