Monday, June 18, 2012

52 Secrets of Top Photo-Bloggers

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for tips on photography for bloggers, especially watery bloggers. I think I counted 52 different tips, perhaps more. Amazing!

Joe Rouse says, You don't need to over saturate the colours of your photos. Muted can be just fine.

And Joe also says, You can transform a less than successful photo with software and make it semi-interesting.

JP says, Most old towns look even better with a couple of tall ships moored in the harbor.

On Tuesday last week I posed some questions to my readers about the advantages of a more sophisticated camera  such as a DSLR over a simple point-and-shoot camera or even a camera phone.

JP responded quickly with an interesting example as to why sometimes a DSLR is better than an iPhone and then followed up on Wednesday with 9 more thoughts on the issue in More on photography.

O Dock contributed a typically brilliant post for our project with A Tale of Four Cameras in which he gives much excellent advice on the subject of how to become a better photographer generally (it's much like learning to sail - he says), followed by a superb overview of the pros and cons of the four most common styles of digital camera available today, and concluding with the tip, "stop reading blogs, get off your butt, and get out there and start taking pictures." I think I counted 25 "tips" in all (if you include "take pictures in the nude," which might just have been to make sure we were paying attention.)

Baydog gave us a Second Opinion on photography with a photo essay illustrating his tip Don't be afraid to look like a photo-blogging geek. If you want some good shots, you have to be nosy sometimes.

Mitch from Bone in Its Teeth has been continuing his series of posts on photo tips for watery bloggers...

Last Wednesday in accessorize, accessorize he had 5 tips for us on topics such as filters, lens hoods, strobes and tripods.

Then on Thursday he addressed Composition.

And today he educated us on Subject Matter.

Actually pretty much every post on Mitch's blog is an education on photography. Superb image after superb image!

Doug at Improper Course addressed a topic in Finding the Right Match which I had hoped somebody would cover: how the hell do you take photos and video while sailing a Laser? He addresses which cameras he uses, how he likes to mount them (on his hat!), how to tack with a camera on your hat, how not to drown yourself when your camera tether gets tangled in a line under the boat when you capsize, and how to edit the video.  Great stuff!

Did I miss anybody?

I look forward to reading more tips from you this week. Post your tip on your blog and send me an email with a link to it. Full details at Photography for Bloggers 101.


Baydog said...

Baydog is a dopey guy taking dopey photos, who should be taking notes from the real photo-bloggers commenting on this subject. One Chicken Parm, on the fly!!!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

"Most old towns look even better with a couple of tall ships moored in the harbor."?

Nothing wrong with photo-shopping them into a photo! But in my mind, they should be taken out of the water and placed in museums. With their inboard diesels there's nothing authentic about them anyway. They should not be taking up slip space for modern keel boats.

Tillerman said...

Oh Doc! Have you no romance in your soul? Tall ships (even with inboard diesel engines) are glorious sights. Much better than all those boring white plastic "modern keelboats."

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