Friday, June 08, 2012

Pretty Things

When I went to Eastside Wines in South Boston (under the pretext of visiting the New England Boat Show) back in February I was impressed not only with their wine selection but also with their offerings of local rum and beer.

Confession #1. I did not know before that there was such a thing as Massachusetts distilled rum.

Confession #2. Wine, beer and rum. I don't think I would mind too much if the only alcoholic beverages ever invented were wine, beer and rum.

Where was I? Where am I? Oh yes. Eastside Wines.

After selecting a few bottles of wine on that momentous day back in February, I also felt the overwhelming urge to buy a few samples of the beers available. One of the beers I bought was a 1 pt. 6 oz. bottle of Pretty Things Babayaga Sylvan Stout.

It's an autumn seasonal beer, but today seemed like a perfect day to enjoy it with a Cornish Pasty for lunch, sitting in the sunshine at our ancient barbecue table enjoying the view of Mount Hope Bay.

There's a lot of good things that come from Massachusetts. Pretty Things Babayaga Sylvan Stout is one of them.

I love Massachusetts.

PS. Yes the inscription on my beer glass really does read, "Briarcliff School. We Are Family." Apparently my sons' middle school in New Jersey thought that beer glasses were appropriate gifts to present to students when they graduated from aforementioned middle school.

It probably explains a lot of what happened in the next decade or so.

We are family.

PPS. I think I'll take a nap now.


Sam Chapin said...

Tillerman, you will get a lot of comments on this post.

Tillerman said...


Baydog said...

Don't sweat the pretty things.

Sam Chapin said...

Because all your buddies will have different and the same opinions about the drinks and maybe it will spill over to eating.

Tillerman said...

It's not good to spill your beer on your Cornish Pasty. It doesn't mix well with the HP sauce.

Anonymous said...

Spillage of beer is alcohol abuse and should never be tolerated.
S/V Selah's Skipper

Tillerman said...

Agreed Anonymous Skipper. Especially Pretty Things Babayaga Sylvan Stout. It would be a crime to spill even a drop of Pretty Things Babayaga Sylvan Stout.

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