Monday, June 25, 2012

Get 43 Tips on Photography That Really Work

Thanks to all of you who responded to my request for tips on photography for bloggers this week. I think I counted 43 different tips. No, really. I did.

Andrew of SadlerBootwerk says (in more words than usual) pictures tell the story.

Tweezerman of Earwigoagin published 2 tips in one post - Don't sweat the small stuff... and CROP.

And I'm not sure if Mike and Rebecca over at Zero to Cruising! intended to take part in this photo tips project but I'm going to include their post Step aside Canon D10 anyway.

Meanwhile Mitch has been continuing his series of posts at Bone in Its Teeth.

On Wednesday we had Let there be light with at least 7 tips about lighting, and the f-stop rules in which Mitch educated us about the role of aperture with another 5 or so tips.

On Thursday our lesson was about Exposure with another 4 tips.

And then on Saturday, Mitch gave us the intensive treatment with posts on Focal Length (at least 4 tips), Depth of field (4 more tips), a fascinating post on "culling" titled Don't bring out your dead which confirmed a suspicion I've long had about professional and really good amateur photographers (they take an enormous amount of shots and publish only a few of them) - I will count each step in Mitch's 5 step culling process as a separate tip - and then Mitch concluded his series with a post on Post-production which has at least another 10 tips if you count all the other great photography advice sites that Mitch recommends.

Huge thanks to Mitch for putting all that effort into his amazing series of post with so much excellent advice about how to improve our photography skills. As he says in a comment to that last post, "Now go out and show us what you can do!"

I look forward to reading more tips from you this week. Post your tip on your blog and send me an email with a link to it. Full details at Photography for Bloggers 101.


bonnie said...

Ha, good timing. Guess what I happen to be working on right now?

Tillerman said...

Thank god you were away last week. You might have written a post for this project and made it 44 tips. I don't have as good a picture for 44.

bonnie said...

Miss 43 is one popular young lady, isn't she?

Tillerman said...

I can't imagine why.

O Docker said...

Great tips.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Ah I get Earwigoagin's advice - that's a crop top right?

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Yeah! What can you say about #43 that hasn't already been said before?

Keep Reaching said...

I assume Ms. 43 did not choose #43 randomly.

Tillerman said...

Good question Keep Reaching. Opinions differ as to the fundamental question as to why Ms. 43 chose #43.

Is she making an ironic statement on Douglas Adams and the cult of 42? Is she a fan of George W Bush, the 43rd US president? Or is she perhaps a student of mathematics and is celebrating 43 because it is the smallest prime number expressible as the sum of 2, 3, 4, or 5 different primes?

Sadly I think the most likely explanation is that she is a fan of that American game where men in tight pants all bend over and the pretty white boy throws a pointy ball in the air while the men in tight pants all run into each other and fall over. Apparently #43 is the number of a certain famous player of that game.

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