Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for the Laser Sailing Dad

It's that time of year again. It's Father's Day on Sunday. So, just in case you happen to know a father who sails a Laser, here are some gift suggestions.

1. An island in the Grenadines.

The Grenadines is one of the best sailing areas in the world. What better to buy your sailing Dad than his very own island sailing base in the Grenadines? I see that Baliceaux Island is up for sale.

Located just five miles from Mustique and Bequia, this gentle oasis is approximately 320 acres and is uninhabited and unspoiled. Look upon it as an investment for the future of the whole family. And your Dad will really appreciate being able sail his Laser off those pristine beaches.

Price: $30,000,000

2. Mar Mostro

I hear that after the Volvo Ocean Race is over, PUMA Ocean Racing plans to put Mar Mostro up for sale. What a great present for Dad! He could take the whole family out sailing on this. He could even take all his grandkids to Europe every summer. On a VO70! What a great gift for all the family. It's just a big Laser, really.

Price: $2,000,000

What's that you say? You think those are a bit expensive for Father's Day gifts? Maybe you plan to surprise him with one of those for his birthday instead?

Well how about something a little more modest? Such as...

3. RS100

You know your Dad will have fun in an RS100.  Much more fun than that boring old Laser he has now. This is a boat designed THIS century. It has a spinnaker. It's faster than a Laser. It's more fun than a Laser downwind. And it was Sailing World's Boat of the Year in 2011. The only problem is that there probably aren't many of them around yet where your Dad lives so you had probably better buy six of them so that he can invite all his friends over and do some racing with them. Maybe he'll even let you play with one?

Price: (for 6 boats) $84,000

What? Still too pricey you say?

Well how about...

4. Laser

If you just want to buy your father a small token gift for Father's Day this year, you could always buy him a new Laser. I'm sure he would appreciate it. Really. It's the thought that counts. You can always buy him an island next year.

Price: (Laser XD) $6,545

Oh dear. Still too much? Well I guess there's only one thing left...

5. Go Laser sailing with Dad on Father's Day



Fred said...

I´d go for the last one but my son is all about football. I dream about being asked by my little daughter if she can have a ride with me on the Moth one Father´s day. Need to improve on the maneuvers until than.

GREAT blog entry as usual.

Sam Chapin said...

We used to get a lot of people on the old Moth for fun sails.

Tillerman said...

Wow. This may have worked. There may be father-son Laser sailing this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I certainly will be, but if you are going to, just remember not to beat him!

Tillerman said...

Let it be noted that the father did attempt to let the son beat him by deliberately skipping two races in the morning and one in the afternoon under the pretext that he didn't want to over-stress his back on the first day of sailing after missing six weeks of sailing because of a back injury.

Let it be further noted that son and father and one other sailor ended up tied in 5th place for the regatta.

Let it be even further noted that the father won the tiebreaker on account of his best three finishes being two 2nds and a 3rd.

Happy Father's Day!!!!

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