Sunday, April 27, 2014

More RS Aero News

Just a few more snippets of news about the RS Aero I picked up from around the Interwebs. It's not that I'm obsessed about this boat or anything…

You really can stack two RS Aero hulls on top of your car. Much has been made of how light the RS Aero hull is (66 lbs) and the advantages of this for both sailing performance and handling on the land. The hulls are also designed to be stackable. So putting two on your roof rack is a breeze. Ideal for sailing couples? His and hers?

Here is the RS Sailing van all ready to go to some RS Aero demos in Ireland this weekend. (Two RS Aeros on the roof and a new RS400 on the trailer.)

There is already a fleet of RS Aeros racing.  Even though the first production boats in the UK aren't supposed to be available until May, at least three RS Aeros have been racing at Gurnard Sailing Club on the Isle of Wight, according to the race reports and results on the GSC website. The RS Aeros are racing in the GSC medium handicap fleet against Lasers and Laser Radials. Looks like they are using a PY handicap of 1040 for the RS Aero 9 and 1065 for the RS Aero 7 - as compared to 1088 for the Laser.

There is some RS Aero demo happening soon at Hayling Island in the UK, for the trade I'm guessing. George Yioulos, the owner of the well respected dinghy dealership West Coast Sailing in Portland Oregon, has been posting on Dinghy Anarchy about the RS Aero. Apparently he was heading out yesterday to the UK to test sail the RS Aero at Hayling Island and promises reports and videos when he gets back. He had previously posted that he had heard that "some US journos might be invited too." Not sure what all that's about but I expect we will be hearing more in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

It does look rather exciting - 5, 7 or 9 though? I'm on the 7/9 border just as with Standard/Radial.

Laser need to react soon - a courtcase isn't as interesting as a blog discussion about hard and dry rides.

But Tillerman, will you need a whole new persona, a new blog page or perhaps just a new set of Rules?


Anonymous said...

I should have read first.

I didn't realise that you had already made a decision. I guess the Rooster Project X is long dead.


Tillerman said...

I have put down a deposit on an RS Aero and expect to be able to test drive one this summer in the US. I only need to go through with the purchase if I like it when I try it.

Even if I do buy an Aero I won't be giving up my Laser. At least not for a few more years. So I see no need to change my "persona" or start a different blog. But I might have to change my profile soon where it says "I am a Laser sailor, runner, and grandfather of five." Perhaps I'll change it today? (In-joke.)

And there might have to be a post on "RS Aero Sailing: The Rules" some time next year. Will Aero sailors have a different culture from Laser sailors? Will they have to HTFU and drink real bear and like pain and never wear dorky sailing gear. We will have to see…

What was Rooster Project X. I don't remember hearing about that.

Anonymous said...

If an Aero will allow me to not HTFU quite so often, I'm happy to drink more beer and invest in less dorky sailing gear. My dear girl gave me such a pounding at the weekend that I was left considering a divorce and letting her play with a young man (all of which left me for dead). Then I had a beer and remembered to HTFU. But this isn't my blog....

Rooster Project X

Scroll down to April 2010 - Rooster was "rapid prototyping" a 21st century Laser by CNC cutting foam and covering in glass fibre (I think). He asked for suggestions on spar materials, built at least one which can be found on YouTube and his website where he toasted a Laser and then seemed to run out of steam. I think he became quite ill for a while and to be fair has a substantial business to run. Sounded promising though - he does great equipment at decent prices. Interweb references sometimes use just RPX for this project.

Did you take a look at the Devoti D-Zero? Again, look it up on YouTube.

After the weekend I considered a Europe and a Solo. Which Aero rig are you going for?


Tillerman said...

I am aware of the D-Zero. Looked at the Solo many years ago but went with the Laser instead. I really do want to sail a boat which will have lots of other sailors and active fleets and I think RS Sailing can make that happen with the Aero.

Don't know how I missed hearing about RPX. Thanks for the info. I will check it out if only for historical interest.

I have ordered the Aero 9 as that's right for my weight, but might consider getting a 7 rig as well if the 9 proves to be too much of a handful on really windy days.

Anonymous said...

Looks great fun and challenging, whilst being forgiving for those who don't get out much.I had to let my RS500 go due to crewing problems. I'm sure this is the boat for me.

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