Monday, April 28, 2014

The RS Aero - from the Horse's Mouth

Views from a couple of Irish sailors after test-sailing the RS Aero this weekend.

Why do they look so happy?

Why do they look so wet?

Why does it look like there isn't any wind?

Daniel, a Vareo sailor about my age, says it planes upwind. I wonder how much wind they had for the demo? Looking forward to seeing some video of it sailing upwind.

Finn, who is a young guy who sails a Laser for Ireland, says his first impressions are it's fun and quick and simple.

So far so good…


Anonymous said...

I'm glad young Finn was included in that clip. For a minute there I was wondering if the old, Irish, salty, sea-dog, bearded, one legged, pirate was Tillerman doing some leg-pulling in disguise.

"Now then, if oi caan sail sail 'er, soo caan yoo. Away now and get yer order in."

Of course they're wet. It's always raining over there.


Anonymous said...

They are in Ireland so expect they are wet from vast amounts of rain - on this side of the water we already enjoying a glorious summer consisting of rain, wind, more rain and weather forecasts from London telling us it's the hottest it's been in years. SIGH.

Joe Rousé said...

90 degrees in sunny California. Funny thing, I was offered 4 beater Lasers with sails and rigging today. The guy at the marina wants to get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

I had a go in one of these a couple of weeks ago, to be honest I liked it. The Aero is a very nice boat and easy to sail, but perhaps a little too nice for me and lacking the challenge a Laser supplies. I did a couple of races in my ancient Laser radial afterwards and had a blast. No plans to change classes!

Tillerman said...

Thanks for that Steve. Good to know that, having tried the Aero, you still prefer the Laser. Maybe I will too. In what way specifically do you feel the Laser is more of a challenge?

Mark R said...

I'm demoing one in Chichester Harbour next week, perhaps as a supplemental boat to the 300. I feel like I'm somehow being unfaithful to my existing boat!

Do you have a delivery date for yours ?

Mark R.

Tillerman said...

They are currently saying the first N. American deliveries will be March 2015, and as I ordered on the first day orders opened I expect to get one then.

Mark - please do tell us what you think after your demo. I assume you will post a review on your blog?

I know what you mean about being "unfaithful." I feel a bit the same. But I keep telling the old girl that she and my new flame will share my attentions. It's not like I'm totally dumping her.

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