Sunday, April 06, 2014

Mud Run and Crazy Train

We are babysitting our three eldest grandchildren this glorious early Spring weekend in Massachusetts, because their parents and the baby went off on a trip to Florida where they are sweltering in the tropical heat and humidity somewhere in a hell-hole of a concrete jungle in alligator country. Some kind of "perk" she scored through her blogging activity. I feel sorry for them, poor bastards.

Anyway, always the good old fun-loving grandparents, we decided to take the three kids on Saturday afternoon to a local playground - the North Attleborough World War 1 Memorial Park aka "the one with the big slide."

Unfortunately it was closed, because the whole park had been taken over for a "mud run challenge." Apparently more than 1100 runners were going to be amusing themselves on a 5k mud run obstacle course, with "25-plus obstacles, including monkey bars, walls of different heights, a sandbag carry and rope climbs."

I had heard of these mud runs before.  After taking the kids to a different playground, when we got home I googled about this and other mud runs. Here are a few sample images that I found….

Doesn't that look like fun?

When my daughter-in-law called in the evening to check on her precious kids I told her all about the mud run. Since giving birth to her fourth child a few months back she has started running again and is now in amazing shape. She has been talking about doing a 5k race so I suggested that we should do this N. Attleborough mud run together next year.

Surprisingly, she didn't sound very enthusiastic.

In fact it sounded as if she thought I was crazy.


George A said...

Kinda reminds me of spring Rugby. Our son was a "hooker".

Tillerman said...

Sorry to hear that George. I hope he found a more socially acceptable profession in later life.

George A said...

Happens in the best of families. As a high school freshman he tried out for football (soccer) but got kicked in the head the very first day. I figured after that he'd be perfect for crew but he wasn't keen on rowing or binge drinking. Didn't know what sport he wanted to play. Then one day he saw some big beefy lads trashing away in the mud with an oddly shaped ball and never looked back. He works as a registered nurse in the local emergency room now.

Tillerman said...

Hmmm. I am scheduled to run a half marathon on Sunday. Just got this message about it. Seems like I may be getting my wish to do a "mud run" sooner than I had expected!

This Race Director just got back from 30+ miles on the bike scouting out the race courses and doing the final course measurements and markings. Good news is the course is 95% dry. Bad news is there are still a half dozen short stretches of mud and or slush covered trail. Good news is we still have 7 days for the wet spots to dry out.

megan Carter said...

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