Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Where am I?

Where am I?

What used to be here?

What are some people hoping it will be in future?

Clue #1: Harbor.

Clue #2: The thing that used to be here didn't move very far.

Clue #3: Ten foot.

Clue #4: When is a harbor not a harbor even when it's new?

Clue #5: Why is there a fox in the woods even though there are no woods?


O Docker said...

Salisbury, MA?

Baydog said...

Salisbury steaks.
Once again be the Salisbury steak capital of the world

Keep Reaching said...

Something to do with the new North American RS Aero fleet headquarters? Maybe the special Committee Boat?

Tillerman said...

It's not Salisbury, but it is in Massachusetts.

And nothing to do with RS Aero, although it would make a rather cool committee boat, wouldn't it?

The O'Sheas said...

Is that a proctoloshark?

Pandabonium said...

I am worried about you, Tillerman. For someone who sails so often you are all to frequently asking for the help of strangers in the blogosphere to to help you determine your location.

Get a GPS or a compass or at least a map. Perhaps Tillerwoman could keep tabs on your location.

All the best.

Tillerman said...

I see you guys need some help. So here's a clue.


Rich Baumann said...

Wild guess, but is it Plymouth? And are we hoping for the return of the Mayflower?

Tillerman said...

Good guess Rich. But not correct. I don't think the 1620 Mayflower is going to come back. But isn't the 1957 Mayflower still in Plymouth? I thought it was.

Tillerman said...

Clue #2: The thing that used to be here didn't move very far.

Rich Baumann said...

I was there in August of 2013. the 1957 version was out for repair.

Tillerman said...

OK. Didn't know that. I was an 8 year old boy in England when the replica Mayflower was launched. There was a lot of coverage in the local papers. My Dad helped me make a balsa wood model of it.

Tillerman said...

Seems like the Mayflower II was moved to Fairhaven for repairs. Found this Boston Globe article and photo.

None of which has anything at all to do with the quiz!!!

Tillerman said...

Hmmm. Sounds like you just missed see the Mayflower, Rich. Here is another Boston Globe article about her return to Plymouth apparently on August 7 2013.

O Docker said...

I stayed on the original Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor last summer. Just saying.

Tillerman said...

Well that's not the Harbor that I was referencing in the clue O Docker.

I had dinner on the Queen Mary in Long Beach on more than one occasion. Just saying. None of which has anything at all to do with the quiz.

It may be time for another clue.

Ten foot.

Gordon S said...

This is clearly a Peter Pan/Captain Hook themed parade float. I can't think of a town in Mass connected to that story. I guess I'll just "think lovely thoughts," and wait for Tinker Bell to deliver the answer.

O Docker said...

Oh, I've so failed you as a loyal blog reader!

Has it come to this? You've had to throw in the towel and give away the answer.

This can only be the site of the New Harbour Mall in Fall River, where something called 'Foxwoods' wants to build a gambling casino.

How lucky you'll be to have someplace nearby where you can throw away your money. I guess the connection to sailing is that most people who want to throw away their money just go out and buy a cruising sailboat. This will save you the bother.

Tillerman said...

Thank you O Docker for putting us out of our misery.

It is indeed part of a "carnival" which was setting up in the parking lot of a recently closed Walmart (the "ten foot rule" clue) in New Harbor Mall in Fall River MA where Foxwoods hopes one day to build a casino. It's a rather derelict corner of Fall River with other closed and failing stores so a casino would certainly revitalize the area and the mayor of Fall River seems to be falling over himself (pun intended) to make it happen.

I don't anticipate going to the casino myself if it is ever built. That is even more unlikely than the chance that I will buy a boat with a galley sink and somewhere to poop.

I realize this quiz was impossible but it did have a boat in it (well sort of) and I don't think it was any harder than one of Mitch's "where am I?" quizzes with photos of a random rock face or some old seed dispensers.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, sorry I'm soooo very late to the partay.

I do have an excuse -- I've been studying hard for a computer security exam on Monday; my own quiz was just as a much needed break before getting my nose ground off again.

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