Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Day at the Park - Best Father's Day Ever

My son said he wanted to take me out to a park for Father's Day.

What? Does he think I'm some old geezer whose idea of a good time is a trip to a park? I'm a Laser sailor, a runner, a skier (well, I used to be a skier), a kayaker (well, a few times a year.)  Why didn't he choose something sporty like that to do with me on Father's Day?

Anyway I decided to humor him. So on Sunday morning my son, my son's wife, my two eldest grandkids and I all packed into their minivan to drive into Boston to go to the park. They seemed to think it was a big deal. Apparently it is a very historic park.  And through my daughter-in-law's general famousness and awesomeness as a mommy blogger she had secured for us what was apparently the fantastic privilege that when we got to the park we would be allowed to go on "THE FIELD."

They always said "THE FIELD" as if it were in capital letters and quotes. That's how I knew it was a special honor and privilege to be allowed to go on "THE FIELD." Apparently while were on "THE FIELD" we would be able to watch BP.

BP's new corporate logo

I didn't quite know why we would want to watch BP but I humored them and went along with the flow.

We got to the park. We parked the car quite close to the park. I could tell this must be a very famous and popular park because it cost $40 to park the car. Some very nice gentlemen took our money and showed us where to park the car. Apparently this parking space belonged to Brad. 

Brad's parking space

Thank you Brad.

My daughter-in-law found the gentleman at the park who was there to help us and whispered to him the secret password. (It was "mommyblogger" but don't tell anyone.) The gentleman ushered us through some secret doors and tunnels and opened a gate for us so we could go on "THE FIELD."


It was quite a big field shaped a bit like a pizza slice. The grass was very nice and green. I think they use Scott's fertilizer like I use on my lawn at home. 

The hallowed turf of "THE FIELD"

But we weren't allowed to actually go on the hallowed turf of "THE FIELD." We had to stand on some dirt at the edge of "THE FIELD." 

The dirt at the edge of "THE FIELD" 

But we were quite close to the hallowed turf. It was almost like being in church.

showing how close I was 
to the hallowed turf

Anyway after a while the gentleman who was there to look after us said it was time to go to our seats. My son was very impressed with our seats because apparently they were the original seats that had been there since the park was first opened, coincidentally the same week that the Titanic sank. 

Seats as old as the Titanic

Judging by the legroom, people were a lot smaller in 1912.

Proof that people were a lot smaller in 1912

The other thing I noticed was that we were in a part of the park that had a roof over it and there was water dropping from the roof on to us. At least I hoped it was water. Maybe the roof had been there since the Titanic sank, so it was not surprising that it had a leak. The Titanic had a leak too, I believe.

Roof that lasted a lot better than the Titanic
even if it did leak a little bit.
The roof not the Titanic.
The Titanic had a much bigger leak.

Anyway by now it was time for lunch so we went and bought some hot dogs and pizza and beer. I knew it must be very good beer because a glass cost $10. I was beginning to enjoy myself. Maybe the park wasn't so bad after all.

So we hung out at the park in the seats from the Titanic and drank the very good beer and I got to meet some of the other famous mommy bloggers who all seemed to have very cute kids, although not as cute as my grandkids of course.

My grandkids standing on the dirt
at the edge of "THE FIELD"
and looking for BP

After a while someone sang the National Anthem and then some guys in white and grey uniforms came on "THE FIELD" and played rounders for about 17 hours... and then we went home.

What an awesome day.

Not at all what I expected.

Best Father's Day ever!


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Ah shucks! I was hoping for a ball game at a Fenway Park lookalike or something. Probably because I never competed on wheels back in the days. . . .

Tillerman said...

For those who can't understand Doc's comment, the original version of this post had a section about what was apparently a slow cycle race on the dirt at the edge of "THE FIELD." Before seeing Doc's comment I deleted it because I thought the post was better without it.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...


Tillerman said...

And I should also point out that, on the drive home, my daughter-in-law pointed out to me that mommy bloggers don't like to be called mommy bloggers. Apparently it is yet another of those politically incorrect terms that we ought to remember not to use. Mommy bloggers think that "mommy blogger" is a derogatory term - or that many people use it in that sense. So I asked her how mommy bloggers prefer to be described and she said they prefer words like "owner" or "writer" or "entrepreneur."

I can understand how those terms, when used in context, can carry a more positive image but if I had said that my daughter-in-law got us on to the field at Fenway Park because she is an "owner" you might have got totally the wrong impression about her.

So I apologize tif any mommy bloggers who were offended by my use of the term "mommy blogger" in this post. No offense was intended. (I think that that is normally referred to a a "non-apology.")

Oh, and by the way, our tickets for the seats didn't have prices on. But they did say "mommy bloggers."

Anonymous said...

Best Father's Day, even though the Sox bit the dust/dirt...

It doesn't look like there will be a celebration in Red Sox Nation this year, but it's a long season (as they say).



Tillerman said...

Will the Red Sox even win more games than they lose this season? They seem to be stuck in a hopeless decline that will probably last for 90 years or so.

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