Monday, June 30, 2014

Blowout of the Blowout

After sailing yesterday, my friends were talking about a couple of the videos I posted recently on this blog - the 2012 Semaine Olympique Française Finn Medal Race at Hyères and the 2011 Columbia River Gorge Laser Performance Clinic. Someone commented on the number of the number of capsizes in the Gorge video.

"You ain't see nothing yet!" I replied. "One year they had to abandon the Gorge Blowout because of all the carnage. I'll post the video of that."

So here it is. The 2010 Blowout of the Blowout…

0:20 One dude capsizes about 15 seconds after the start. Could this be an omen?

0:33 Nice whitecaps. Breeze is building.

1:40 Oops. Somebody lost it in a gybe.

2:00 Radial going faster than a train. No. Really!

2:15 Lonely sailor capsizes. Where has everybody else gone?

2:34 I know that guy. What is he messing about at? You are supposed to have the long pointy thing aiming at the sky.

2:40 Oh dear! That mast looks a little bit broken.

2:57 What's the dude with the radio saying? Is it, "Mayday. Mayday. Mayday"?

3:00 Laser sailors hanging out on a beach. What are they up to? Sunbathing?

3:22 This is my favorite bit. Radial sailor in the water holding his Laser near some cliffs with huge waves trying to smash him and his boat into the rocks. I wonder what is he going to do for his next trick?

Damn. Now I've posted this, none of my friends will want to come to the Gorge with me next year.

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