Friday, June 20, 2014

Down Down Down

Conversation over beers after sailing yesterday evening turned to Laser sailing in the Columbia River Gorge and specifically downwind sailing.

Every year the Columbia Gorge Racing Association organizes a race called the Laser Gorge Blowout which is described as an "eighteen mile, white knuckle downwinder from Cascade Locks to Hood River, OR. Should be on every Laser sailor's bucket list."

Indeed. 18 miles downwind in great wind and waves. No slogging upwind. What could be better? That definitely is going in my bucket.

Usually each year in the week before the Laser Gorge Blowout, CGRA puts on a Laser clinic and I see that this year the Gorge Laser Clinic is being run by one of my favorite coaches, Javier "Rulo" Borojovich. The website say that at the clinic "special emphasis will be placed on downwind technique in big wind and waves, a condition for which the Gorge is particularly suited!"

I have to do it.  It's probably a bit late to arrange everything for this year as it's in early July, but next year, Gorge Laser Clinic and Laser Gorge blowout, here I come.

In the meantime, here's some video from the 2011 Gorge Laser Performance Clinic.


I guess I have a year to get fit.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Brings back memories. Sailing by the lee! However it would require me turning back three or four decades to get back in shape for that. Those mainsheets look short and stubby compared to the way I remember them. Also, I recall not uncleating the main during tacking. Maybe I did. Maybe I just don't do it now!

Tillerman said...

Really Doc. Do you mean you used to have a really long mainsheet in the old days of Laser sailing so that the sail would go way in front of the mast when sailing by the lee?

And cleats for the sheet are definitely out of fashion these days.Many Laser sailors don't even have them on their boats, and those that do rarely use them.

Anonymous said...

I invite you and anyone else to stay at no charge at my house or other venues.
I know you guys think you are king of the sea but we can cook a mean Chinook here and I can teach you what a goeduck means.
We have some great Laser sailors here.
John in PDX

Anonymous said...

Kids are welcome also but both of mine are college age and the hours in that room are way beyond us old guys - I have lots of room. 45 mins from the start line.

Tillerman said...

Thanks for the offer John. I look forward to finding out more about mean chinook and goeduck.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

I meant to say, those MAINSAILS look short and stubby.

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