Thursday, June 26, 2014

Masters Enjoy Virgins

Masters Enjoy Virgins.

Yes, that really was the headline for this article in the Spring 1992 issue of the North American Laser Class newsletter, The Laser Sailor.

It's an account of a Laser Masters Regatta held at the Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands in Thanksgiving week of 1991.

Somehow I missed out on this regatta. BEYC is one of my favorite places but I didn't go there until 1994. And I'm not sure this particular regatta was ever run again.

The designer of the Laser Bruce Kirby sailed in this regatta, as did Laser legend Dick Tillman.

That same issue of The Laser Sailor had lots of other items that are now of historical interest...

The class was considering whether to pursue the idea of the Laser becoming an Olympic class. I wonder how that turned out?

One of the events on the District 7 (New England) calendar was the Atlantic Coast Championships at Wianno YC on Cape Cod preceded by "Mastermania" a clinic for masters only, run by Brad Dellenbaugh. I went to the clinic and the regatta and remember that Brad told me I did excellent gybes. (I think I have gone downhill since then.) That was probably the first time I met that guy, John Bentley, my sailing nemesis, who sadly passed away in December 2012.

There was an article bemoaning the introduction of the "silly rope tricks" Laser boom vang - not because it was so awful (at least when compared to our current vangs) but because it marked the end of the era of the "knee-to-boom boomvang cracker" a trick that all Laser sailors prior to then had had to try and learn.

And there was this Rules Quiz…

It is Throwback Thursday.

A little Laser nostalgia is allowed.


Anonymous said...

We should bring back the District Secretary On Port Tack Rule.

George A said...

Dick Tillman once borrowed a Moth and raced at our Mid-Winter Regatta at Gulfport. Had I known in advance, I would have brought along my copy of his laser sailing book for an autograph.

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