Thursday, January 14, 2016

3 Amazing Things I Learned From Sailing Blogs

It's amazing what you can learn from sailing blogs.

Only this week on three different sailing blogs I learned that some science that I thought I knew was totally wrong, I discovered some excellent marital guidance counseling, and I became aware of a solemn duty that nobody had told me of before.

1. How Tides Really Work

I thought I knew how the moon and the sun cause the tides on earth. But apparently the explanation I had heard (and which I suspect 99% of my readers believe) is actually totally wrong. The blogger known as Keep Reaching who writes the excellent Laser sailing blog Reaching Broadly has a link to a video that puts us straight.



I have learned all sorts of useful stuff about sailing on Damian's excellent blog The Final Beat. But I didn't expect to read that sailing might ruin my marriage. Don't be like Damian. Learn from his mistakes. Let this be an awful warning to you.

If you want this...

but she wants this...

then you will have too much of this...

and you might end up doing this...

and will never get to this.

I am always looking for a good excuse to drink rum. But I never knew before that it is our duty as amateur sailors to drink rum.

Thanks to John Vigor's excellent blog which is cleverly titled John Vigor: Blog I have learned a lot about the history of sailing and rum - not to mention futtock shrouds - and why this means we absolutely have to drink rum.

Futtock shrouds

A mug

Some rum

I think I'll have a tot of rum now and take a nap.


Andrijana Kopita said...

Please what part of body is this "futtock?"

Be so kind to post photo of your futtocks.

Joe said...

Andrijana, please don't scare the children by asking to see a photo of his futtocks. This is a family oriented blog after all. Now, where' the bottle of rum. I have to get a start on the weekend.

Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream Puff said...

Rum for breakfast!


Tillerman said...

I like your thinking Mark and Cindy!

Baydog said...

Half of the time I don't know what the futtocks the Tillerman is talking about.......

Tillerman said...

Only half the time? I will have to work harder on being mysterious and obscure and illogical and using made-up words nobody understands.

I feel a post on escutcheons coming on.

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