Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It Does Get Better... Honest

It really wasn't as bad as it sounds.

If you've been following the accounts so far of my sailing trip earlier this month to the Dominican Republic you will have heard about...

One day when there was no wind for sailing at all

One day when we probably shouldn't have bothered to sail.

One frustrating day of racing in light winds when we only completed one race.

One day when the wave conditions made it impossible for us to sail through the reef

One long day of light wind practice.

Not exactly what I was expecting after the big wind, big wave conditions of last year, I must admit. Ironically, one of my friends who went to Cabarete last year didn't come this year because he had concluded that the winds were always too strong for him to enjoy his sailing.


I guess my accounts so far are a bit of a downer.

I even had an email this morning from some reader who must have felt sorry for me, encouraging me to visit a sailing center in Thailand that (like of all these places) promises reliable winds (and no rain).

But wait, dear reader. It does get better.

The conditions on the final two days of the Caribbean Midwinters Regatta made up for the frustrations earlier in the week. The week finishes on a positive note.

And even in the first part of the week I was having fun and learning a lot. Hey... beach, Lasers, Ron, fish and chips... what's not to like?

Watch this space.

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