Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This is a sailing blog (supposedly).

Sometimes I try and write about sailing (actual experiences of sailing a boat on real water in real wind.)

Sometimes I write about stuff that is only peripherally related to actual sailing (why some people hate Laser sailors, satire about coach boats, a fictional protest hearing, weird stuff I didn't eat while sailing, and so on.)

If you can judge the popularity of my posts by the number of comments they receive, then it's the sideways looks at topics vaguely related to sailing that readers enjoy the most.

Why is this?

Am I simply unable to write about actual sailing in an interesting way?

Is a good day on the water actually a fairly unremarkable event?

What does this say for the future of this blog?

If I really do write (at least) 100 posts this year about 100 days I spend sailing my Laser am I going to bore my pants off my readers.



EVK4 said...

It's your mix that's good. If you went all fish 'n' chips or all laser or all sailing-fun then it'd get old. I like the mix. 100 days, really?

Pat said...

If a hundred days was good enough for Napoleon, then it should be a good start for Tillerman! After all, too much is never enough sailing. Something like that. Maybe the blog should have a meter on a sidebar to show how the sailing days are accumulating.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Pat. Anybody know of a source for a simple (free) meter I could put in the side bar to report the number of days I spend Lasering in the year?

Unknown said...

It's not that we don't enjoy the posts about pure sailing as much as the "sideways" look at peripheral things. It's just that perhaps we understand the more random stuff better. I hardly know the first thing about sailing, so I will make absolutely no comments about that which will expose my ignorance. I just enjoy them anonymously. Some of us can relate to those peripheral things because they also occur in the things WE do. After all, if I wrote only about my business all the time, it would probably bore the pants off most people. So keep up with the posts, whatever they may contain.

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