Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nobody's Perfect

I've already written several posts about how the coach at the Laser Training Center in Cabarete, Javier Borojovich, a.k.a Rulo, is damn good. But even the master is not perfect...

On the third day of the clinic, we were doing a drill to simulate crowded leeward mark roundings. The first attempt caused a huge pile-up at the mark. Just like one of those mid-fleet catastrophes at the gate in Tacticat. Rulo gave us all a stern lecture to, "Follow the rules".

Second shot at the drill, Rulo jumped into a Laser himself and was showing off his roll gybes and aggressive tactical positioning. Final approach to the mark, I'm on starboard tack nicely positioned to the leftish side of the pack. Then here comes Rulo gybing on to port trying to cross my bow and attain an inside position. Oops. The boats bump. He didn't quite make it.

I have to confess I couldn't resist shouting out, "Follow the rules!" all the rest of the time we were doing that drill.

But Rulo is still a damn fine coach.


EVK4 said...

Do you wonder why he singled you out in class?

On a serious note, good job getting rid of that blogger's block.

Tillerman said...

He didn't single me out. I just happened to be in his way.

EVK4 said...

Maybe the real lesson was be aggressive, people are scared to wave that red flag.

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