Thursday, January 03, 2008

Top Ten Sailing Posts of 2007

Tuesday's post recognized ten of my favorite blogs about sailing and similar damp doings. But there are so many other great sailing blogs out there, so here are my Top Ten Sailing Posts Of 2007 Not Counting Any Posts By Bloggers On The Top Ten Blogs List Because Then Almost Every Post Would Be By Edward Or Adam.

Let's start the list -- and the day -- with Fall Sunrise on Sailscape.

One reason I love this picture is that the guy who takes all the photos on Sailscape is from Wickford, more or less diametrically the opposite side of Narragansett Bay from where I live. So he sees superb sunrises over the bay; and I enjoy equally spectacular sunsets. Ain't life grand?

Then to exercise your mind, try to answer the question How Corinthian Is Your Yacht Club? on Desert Sea. Pat challenges us to think about the standard of our sailing clubs in a long but highly stimulating post.

And for another take on yacht club politics and all that crap take a read of
Sailing Burbles from Team Gherkin. It's another long post but a fascinating insight into one dinghy sailor's weekend and his club.

If you'd like something more inspiring try
Woodwind Rescues Haitian Migrants on Bruce Smith's Voyage Blog. Wow. What a story. This guy is a real hero.

Then for an epic racing story how about
Tommy Hilfiger Wins Italy’s Centomiglia Regatta! on Stan Schreyer's blog.

Or if you want to explore some gender differences in approaches to sailing check out
Get over it, Love! on SailJuice.

Of course we all love to read about other's mistakes so how about
RFU w/ RDF so bad we missed Cape Cod on Panbo: The Marine Electronics Weblog.

Sometimes I'm attracted to a blog because of a theme or a whole series of posts on the same subject. Any top ten list has to include a
post about Cape Cod Frosties on Eli Boat such as Pics or it didn't happen.

Talking of series I've never seen anything quite as amazing as
all the mermaid posts on Never Sea Land.

On second thoughts I have. Nothing will ever compare to
all the Fish on Friday's posts on The Horse's Mouth of which the photo below is just one typical example.



EVK4 said...

Very very nice...I will spend some time delving into these, I don't think I've seen them all.

PeconicPuffin said...

Great posts. The only one I'd seen (and I'll bet the most widely "read") is Fish on Friday. Who doesn't wake up on Friday to see the fish (and any ancillary wahines)?

Kevin said...

Thanks for the top 10 list. I'm always looking for new posts and authors. My hat is off to you and others who can keep the posts flowing.


delia said...

Very good post. I like it i want to see more post in this blog someday.

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