Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm off. Enough of winter. I'm off to Florida for a long weekend of yotting and fun and sun. Tell you about it when I get back.


bonnie said...

Oh, you retired people!

Have fun, while us poor workbound slobs slave away while our desk-bound souls marinate in envy.


OK actually I'm taking off and paddling tomorrow. Still isn't Florida! :D

Regina Marie said...

I'm leaving for FL in about 3-4 weeks. I understand being sick of the cold weather. I'm going to enjoy missing winters too!

Team Gherkin said...

Enjoy your time. Make the most of it, and stay safe... watch out you donlt get lost in the Bermuda Triangle or something down there, awlrite? heh heh

Mal :)

bonnie said...

hey, had fun watching your old yacht club race today. Committee boat was nice enough to let me hang out next to them so I wouldn't get squished. Got a couple of nice pix and marveled about how as that series of horns goes off, what looks like complete chaos suddenly coalesces into a lovely line. Very cool.

bonnie said...

oh, yeah, I'll post the pictures in a day or two. It was a little tricky, TQ had sent me pit in a particularly unstable kayak (arched bottom, nice boat, just likes to be moving) and conditions were just sweet for dinghy sailing, which of course meant I was getting blown around a bit & had to work to stay with the committee boat, plus blobs of water kept appearing on the lens - but I did get a couple nice shots despite.

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