Monday, March 24, 2008


I have a doppleganger.

I just discovered that someone called tillerman has been writing a sailing blog called doublereef from early 2007, and what is apparently the same person has another blog called doublebeef which he has been writing for the last couple of months
under the name Tillertard (with the occasional post over the tillerman moniker too).

I've no idea who this bloke is, except I know it's not me. Check him out. It's funny stuff.

Update: In the first version of this post I quoted a long extract from one of Tillertard/tillerman's blogs as an example of his writing. On reading the post from which I borrowed the extract a second time I realized that he was quoting another author. Oops. Never mind. My doppelganger writes good original stuff too.


Team Gherkin said...

Yes! It's true! There is someone usurping your mental powers in writing their own blog disguised as you! Cad!

Heh heh.

Glad you survived an Aussie "summer" too.

Mal :)

EVK4 said...

This particular story makes the Reid Stowe thread look normal. Tillertard (as they call him) is a very annoying serial poster who creates s-storms wherever he goes. Most of the threads he's involved in have been deleted, but here's a time-killer for you:

bonnie said...

"makes the Reid Stowe thread look normal"?


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