Sunday, March 16, 2008

Got out of Town on a Boat

Friday Feb 15

I may not be as serious as Andrew Campbell about practice before a major regatta but I did go for a bit of a blast on the Friday afternoon before the start of the Old Farts Laser Worlds. Hey, there was a major snow storm brewing up back home but I was staying in a beach town in Australia, my beautiful bride was me, there was wind, there were waves, and there was a shiny, almost brand new Laser in the boat park available for my exclusive use. Life is good.

In the morning Tillerwoman and I drove up the coast to the north a ways to a place aptly named The Entrance. This is a town near an entrance to a lake from the ocean. Very creative the way they name things these Aussies.

Then after lunch I went for a sail. It was worthwhile if only to work out some of the kinks (in me and the boat), make sure I had rigged the boat to my liking, and to try and see if I remembered to sail after over a month off. I just sailed around on my own and did a bit of everything: beats, reaches, runs, tacks, gybes, and some practice starts. There was a medium-sized ocean swell from the south-east with some wind-blown chop on top from a different direction. We're not in Kansas any more Toto.

Then off to the local Mexican restaurant with the love of my life. Hmmm, why do Margaritas taste so much better under the Southern Cross? Life is good.

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Unknown said...

hmmmm... funny that - rum always tastes better after a hard days sailing!

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