Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First for Andrew

Congrats to USA Laser Olympian Andrew Campbell who led the Laser fleet all the way around the course and scored his first win of the Olympic regatta in Race 3 in Qingdao. I can't find any news reports of the race online yet but the official results are here. Andrew started the regatta with a couple of finishes in the teens which he attributed on his blog yesterday to first race jitters and being over-conservative.

Meanwhile some of the early favorites in the Lasers such as Tom Slingsby from Australia are placing well down the fleet.

Can we hope for a medal for Andrew? Can't wait to read about this race on his blog.

Meanwhile Anna Tunnicliffe of USA leads the Laser Radial fleet...

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Pat said...

I've made some comments on the Olympics, but they aren't about who's winning or losing. There's the question about participation and whether the current situation makes sailing look too elitist.

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