Monday, August 25, 2008


A few minutes ago the Democratic National Convention in Denver watched a film tribute to Senator Edward Kennedy, which included a number of shots of the senator sailing with his family on his schooner Mya.

Now this blog is getting numerous hits to my post on Mya, courtesy of the fact that it is #1 on the list if you Google "schooner Mya".

I'm dumbstruck. The connection between a major national event in Colorado, a TV audience, the oddities of a search engine algorithm, and the direction of readers to some obscure sailing blog written by an old Laser dude in Rhode Island just strikes me as seriously weird.


Sea-Fever blog said...

That's the Internets for you. Just plain weird. Enjoy it while you can!

Vigilante said...

Godspeed to Teddy and the sailing schooner, Mya. And may all way points lead to the Proper Course!

Zen said...


yeah life & Blogging is like that

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