Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Numero Uno

The Scuttlebutt newsletter today gave Scuttlebutt an incestuous pat on the back today with the following piece of self-congratulatory puff...
If you are to search online for information on Cal 32 boats or for using Windward Gates as the weather mark, the top ranked listing you are likely to find will come from the Scuttlebutt Forum. Internet search engines are hard to trick, and they rank website pages based on the quality of the information, and then factor in the amount of traffic that goes to that website page.
Well ya boo sucks to you Scuttlebutt.

I'd just like to point out that if you were to search for the following terms using The Google, the top-ranked site will be Proper Course.

So there.

Any advance on naked laser sailing? What is your blog famous for?


Anonymous said...

How could you forget:

'Most Pointless Blog in the World' ?

You are too modest.

Tillerman said...

You are quite right odocker. I am numero uno for "most pointless blog in the world". And also by the way for "reasons to hate laser sailors".

I am sure that Proper Course will not disappoint the reader on either count.

EVK4 said...

olympic laser campaign

serious ocean going racer

true sailor anarchy

I used to have true sailor but got bumped by some sailor moon anime thing. Anyway, that just goes to illustrate my incredible depth from serious ocean going racing to olympic laser campaigns to just plain old true sailor-ness, my blog has it all.

But most of my weird google hits come from an Asinine Post

Anonymous said...

You are too modest Edward.

You are also numero uno for

"most perfectest"



Zen said...

yeah, you showed him!

oh as for Ed,the most terror

bonnie said...

Shirtless athletes, I think.

bonnie said...

OK, I don't think I'm number one for that and I would feel very funny checking here on my terminal provided by a large children's-publishing house. But I get a lot of hits from that search.

JP said...

For some reason if you go to google images and type in "karachi train" my blog comes up top.

Not sure what that says about google, my blog or the photographic potential of that station

Blogger said...

I hate to brag, but Scuttlebutt comes up top when you search:
Sailing News
Sailing Photos

It took awhile to get past the Scuttlebutt Brewery, but have had a chance to taste their fine beer recently, and now feel bad to have passed them too: http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/blog/2008/07/scuttlebutt-beer.html

Tillerman said...

You love to brag.

Anonymous said...

US: 10
GB: 10
FR: 10
PRC: 10
DDR: 8.5

EVK4 said...

If you google Best sailor in the world on The Google, I win!

Tillerman said...


But if you Google best Laser sailor on the planet on The Google, then I win.

Not that I like to brag.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, now Edward can claim:

drunk naked sailors singing sea shanties

You can't believe anything on The Google anymore.

bonnie said...

I have lost shirtless athlete supremacy (if I ever had it, I never thought to check, just used to get tons of hits that way). Anyone finding my blog that way now has got waaaaay too much time on their hands & needs to take up a new hobby (I clicked through 2 pages & gave up trying to find me).

However, where I AM #1 is

Grand Central movie shoot.

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