Monday, June 13, 2011


I have written before of the plans by Hess to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Mount Hope Bay aka My Bay, of a Protest against the scheme by boaters who landed on a sand bar called Spar Island near the site of the proposed terminal, and of one effort by a local politician Barney Frank to block the project.

It's all moot now. According to this article on, Hess has now decided to abandon the project citing "unfavorable economics". Apparently "the significant increase in natural gas production from shale resources in North America" has lowered the price so much that Hess won't be able to make enough profit by importing LNG from abroad and unloading it in "my bay."

Woo hoo. Mount Hope Bay and Spar Island are safe from this industrial development and the associated tanker traffic. To celebrate, I will be sailing in the Atlantic Coast Laser Masters this weekend under the banner of the Spar Island Laser Fleet (of which I am the only member and also honorary fleet captain.)


my2fish said...

your blog told me I might like No. 43, and I did.

good luck, and have fun in the racing this weekend.


Tillerman said...

Those little pictures at the bottom of each post in the "You might also like:" feature are created by my #2 blog maintenance android Alvin. He works very hard because if you watch carefully you will see that he is constantly changing his suggestions of what you might also like. I will tell Alvin that you liked the picture of Miss 43. She seems very popular with a lot of my readers.

I do intend to have fun this weekend. Thank you.

O Docker said...

Congratulations on keeping Big Oil out of your rosegarden for the time being.

And it occurs to me that Alvin thinks like I do.

I can never make up my mind about what I like, either.

But since his suggestions seem to be random and not based upon links on your blog that readers have previously clicked on, it would probably be more accurate for him to say, "the odds are about even that you may like or not like some of these other posts."

Being a droid, though, and having access to endless tables of statistical analysis, he could probably be trained to be more specific and say something like:

The odds are about 46 per cent that you will neither especially like nor dislike these posts, but will, rather, find them somewhat agreeable.

The odds are about 18 per cent that you will find these posts either most enjoyable or very irritating.

And the odds are less than 4 per cent that you will find these posts either remarkably brilliant and laced with elements of sheer genius or so distasteful as to report them to appropriate authorities.

Tillerman said...

He only seems to go into random "you might also like" mode on newer posts and/or ones that perhaps are not very easy for an android (or a human) to ascertain what the hell they are really about.

On some older posts on clear topics on which I have written frequently (e.g. grandkids or Olympic sailing or frostbite sailing) he does seem to be able to suggest similar posts. Of course it probably helps that I tag those posts with Blogger labels.

I kind of like the fact that he does that mixture - sometimes genuinely similar and other times similarities that only an android with an IQ of 2476 can see.

Pandabonium said...

Good news. Now let's hope they don't start any fracking wells in your backyard.

Tillerman said...

Oh I am sure that fracking Hess are going to be fracking all over the world with the fracking money they are saving on this fracking project. Some poor fracking bastards in Asia and Africa are going to have big fracking Hess projects in their fracking backyards instead.

bowsprite said...

friggin fracking! it is so worrisome that LNG ships are touted as the way to go because of how clean they are, when the extraction process can poison whole watersheds. Even animals know not to poop in their drinking water.

Natural gas needs the energy to be cooled to 260° F below zero to become a liquid to transport. LNG fuel containers weigh more and take up more cargo space than gasoline or diesel containers.

Really, you cannot get cleaner than sail power. We might have to wait for that slow boat from wherever, but I'd rather wait and have it sailed over. Or sail it over myself!

I breathe a sigh of relief with you!

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