Sunday, July 01, 2012

26 Secrets Every Watery Photoblogger Should Know

In the final week of Photography Tips For Watery Bloggers Month we had a couple of posts on other blogs and 17 more tips in the comments section to my own post One More Question... which was asking for advice about taking pictures while in a boat, especially a small sailing dinghy like a Laser.

Doug from Improper Course wrote More Video Tips - Taking Videos While Sailing which included 3 more tips on this topic, but might just have been an excuse for Doug to publish a video showing us his skills at sailing his Laser close to another boat, with the tiller or the camera (or maybe both?) in his wrong hand, shooting video without looking at the camera, facing backwards, going down waves, while standing on his head... or something like that. Pretty impressive stuff.

And my2fish wrote GoPro camera points of view on a Sunfish sailboat which discusses the pros and cons of 6 different mounting positions for a video camera on a Sunfish with pictures and video to illustrate his points. Very informative!

Photography month is now over. Thanks to everyone who contributed. I have learned a lot and plan to use all your advice to feature more of my own photos on this blog in future.

I now have to think of something else to write about in July. People on rocks? Oysters? Oysters on rocks? Marmite? Marmite on oysters? Probably not.


Maybe I could write about sailing for a change?

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