Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February is the Longest Month

It's about this time of year that folk around here in Rhode Island start talking about how damn long the winter has been. It seems like we have been enduring too many months of freezing weather and snow storms and blizzards and power cuts and icy rain and fog and other shit and gale force winds and days I didn't go sailing on account of the cauldron of death and destruction, and didn't we even have at least one hurricane too?

"Enough!" we cry. "Isn't February over yet?  When will it be Spring?"

It sure does feel like February is the longest month.

It's about this time of year that a short break away to somewhere warmer to do some sailing in sunshine and warm water would be really really appreciated.

For example, just for the sake of argument, just in case any of my friends feel the same as me, here is what the weather forecast for Clearwater Beach, Florida looks like next week...

Hmmm. I think I could put up with that.


George A said...

Just back from racing Moth Boats at Gulfport, FL (low rent district of St. Pete). Temps in the 80s Friday-Sunday; Winds out of the SSW ranging from high teens to upper single digits. Life was good! Back to reality. Woke up yesterday to 30 degrees. Waiting 'til it got above freezing to wash the boat and put stuff away. Sigh...

O Docker said...

What is this 'freezing' you keep bringing up?

I've been scrolling back through our local weather reports for months without seeing any mention of it. The 'wind' and 'rain' bits I think I understand and 'cold' shows up a little when temperatures drop way down into the 40s, but is this 'freezing' one of those quaint British colloquialisms?

Cheer up, March is just a few days away, and you know what that means - shorts and tee shirts!

Tillerman said...

O Mr. Docker, you are a tease. I really feel sorry for you Californians who are so totally deprived of the character building challenges of real winters. How can you possibly appreciate summer unless you have frozen a few digits and shoveled a few tons of snow in the preceding winter?

PS. How many days have you been sailing this year so far?

George A said...

PS: Only two.

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