Monday, February 11, 2013


Well, what a surprise!

Apparently the good folk in San Francisco have just woken up to the fact that the America's Cup could cost San Francisco millions. Apparently some believed the hype that there would be twelve teams competing for the Cup and that tens of millions of dollars of sponsorship money would just come rolling in to the city by the bay.

Reality sucks.

They should have listened to O Docker.

They should have listened to me and let Larry Ellison bring AC34 to Newport.

Oh well!

That's all water under the Golden Gate Bridge now.

San Francisco taxpayers are going to have to pay to host the Cup while the rich get richer. You all know who I mean.

What a sting!


Did I say Sting?

About the only bright news in this whole mess is that a new, 9,000-seat waterfront concert venue is planned for San Francisco's home for the America's Cup, on Piers 27-29, and that Sting will perform there in June.

I never knew that Sting (aka Gordon Sumner) was a sailor. Perhaps he's not.

I wonder what Sting will perform at his concert.

How about I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing By? According to some accounts AC34 is down to three "ships" now, not twelve as originally promised.

Or perhaps The Wind Cries Mary? I don't know who Mary was, but a lot of people in San Francisco do seem to be crying in their sassafras root beer floats about how much AC34 is costing them.

No. I think the best song for him to sing at this concert will be Can't Stand Losing You.

Larry Ellison will appreciate that.

He hates losing.


Baydog said...

Things really started going downhill when they insisted on sailing those dang multihulls, and away from the proper place to race the AC. Newport, RI.

Anonymous said...

For summer in San Fran "Invisible Sun" might also be a good choice. Let the fog roll in!

Newport would have been a far better choice.

Tillerman said...

And here's another great deal for you SF taxpayers. After you have forked up $20 million to pay for his yacht race, he will let you watch it on public land for only $999 each.

O Docker said...

Now calm down, Tillerman. Larry has said repeatedly he's only doing this for the good of the sport.

Anonymous said...

If it were for the good of the sport, they would be sailing the traditional 12 meter boats!!

John in PDX said...

I am glad it's down there. Just wish it was during Oracleworld again. Has the Newport venue ever had an inshore viewing area?

As far as Tax dollars - ever known a project by government come in under budget? Not many.

Tillerman said...

I wasn't near to Newport in the old days of America's Cup sailing there. But there was an excellent viewing area on shore for the AC45 racing there last year.

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