Friday, February 22, 2013

Where am I?

1. Where am I?

2. What was this place famous for on the weekend of 9/10 February this year?

3. Where is the nearest college sailing team and what is their ranking in the latest Sailing World rankings?


Anonymous said...

1.Bristol, RI
2.Don't know
3.Roger Williams University
4.Above are obviously wild guesses based on your geographic proximity to #1 and #3

Anonymous said...


Tillerman said...

Oh please don't be anonymous. How do I even know if those are two guesses from the same person or from two different people? Make up a name to go with your comments/ answers. You don't have to register or anything. Just use the Name/URL option and leave URL blank if you want.

The answers are not correct, although you are warm in thinking that the answer to #2 is something to do with the storm that weekend. But I want something much more specific.

Bursledon Blogger said...

1. no idea but it's my kind of place
2. No idea but we just missed it, oh well who's round is it?
3. No idea is it their round?

Buff Staysail said...

It's a bar and mine's a pint of Sea Hag - ta, Tillerman!

O Docker said...

Fort McHenry

O Docker said...

Is that 'Where am I?' in the editorial sense?

I thought, on the weekend of February 9-10, you were stuck in your driveway, digging out.

This looks like an Irish pub, and the Boston bars were said to do a thriving business during the storm, with some opening earlier than usual.

Some are in the neighborhood of Boston College, ranked third I think in Sailing's rankings, but probably none of this is what you're looking for.

O Docker said...

Oops. BC is fifth in the rankings.

Tillerman said...

Well done Buff. I was indeed in a bar. How smart of you to work that out.

But there are lots of bars in the world. The challenge is to work out why of all the sea hag joints, in all the towns, in all the world, I walked into this one, and where it is.

Tillerman said...

Not Fort McHenry. But there was a revolutionary war battle involving a fort not far from here.

Tillerman said...

What is editorial sense? Is there such a thing?

Just to clarify, the pictures were taken yesterday evening, Thurs 21 Feb 2013. So the question should really be, "Where was I on the evening of 21 Feb?" It is now some 17 hours later and I am not still in the same bar.

The latest Sailing World College rankings were published 2 days ago on 20 Feb 2013. And this place was in the news for something unusual on the weekend of Feb 9/10. I was not in the same bar on any of those dates.

Questions 2 and 3 are, of course, clues in disguise. I don't think I'm going to allow people to simply go through the 20 teams in the rankings making wild guesses until you have eliminated 19 wrong answers, unless you can correlate your answer to question 3 with location information from question 2 or the photos. But as O Docker made some attempt to relate his question 3 answer to the storm that weekend and the Irish look of the pub, I will let you know that Boston College is not the correct answer.

Dave from Assonet said...

Dave from Assonet, MA
S/V Selah, Ranger 33
S/V Vela, Graves Constellation (under total restoration)
Sorry, in the future I'll go by Dave in Assonet
guilty as charged for BOTH comments :)

Tillerman said...

Oh hi Dave. Thanks for outing yourself. These conversations are so much better when we know who we are talking to.

Baydog said...

1. Brick Alley Pub
2. World record was set for eating 72 stuffies in 5 minutes
without taking a sip of Newport Storm
3. URI (25)

Tillerman said...

Good guess Baydog.

But not correct.

There are some geographical clues in the photos that everyone has overlooked so far.

John (Merseyside) said...

Could be the Fastnet Pub in Newport, but I didn't know they were Red Devil fans.

So I would have to go with Roger Williams at #6.

I'm stumped about the significance of the 10th of Feb.

Anonymous said...

Dang it, Doc -- that was my answer! Yeesh. Now I'll have to rack my brains for an answer...

Anonymous said...

1. Pub of some sort, obviously. Gotta think some more on exactly where...

2. I'm guessing it was due to the dusting of white stuff you guys got up there... what was it? 2 feet? 3 feet? Phhfffft. Kid's stuff.

3. The nearest college sailing team to me is St. Mary's and they're 10th.

Tillerman said...

OK. John and O Docker are right in thinking it is an Irish pub. Duh! I did give you a pretty good clue for that.

But it's not in Newport. And RWU was the first answer (submitted by Anonymous Dave who thought it might be a pub in Bristol) and it's incorrect.

The Red Devils banner is a bit of a Red Herring. Except that for reasons I don't fully understand Manchester United does seem to be popular in New England, and they also have an Irish Supporters Club. I meet people who say that Man Utd is the ONLY English soccer team they can name. And in my story about the pie shop I met an old guy who claimed to have played for New England against Man Utd in 1955.

Ok so we've narrowed it down to an Irish pub in New England.

As several commenters have already said, the Feb 9/10 weekend was the time that Storm Nemo (the biggest snow storm of the winter so far) hit New England. The answer to Q2 is related to the storm.

There is also a strong geographical clue in the first photo that nobody has got so far.

Tillerman said...

Your answer to #2 is getting warm.

Anonymous said...

Image 1 - All I've got out of that is Twin River Road near Lincoln, but the Fado Irish Pub that was there is now closed and a casino stands in it's place.

Image 2 - Looking at the image, it appears similar to the interior of the Rí Rá in Providence, but I can't match it a 100 percent.

I don't follow soccer, so anything that references it is lost on me.

Mojo said...

Don't you have family in the Woodbridge, CT area? Are you in a pub there (home of the Sea Hag IPA)?

Tillerman said...

You are on the wrong track Mitch. And the soccer reference isn't helpful at all, unless as final corroboration of the actual pub.

Anonymous said...

I'm tapped out -- good puzzle though!

Mojo said...

If so, there are apparently a relatively small number of bars in the N.H./Woodbridge area that have Sea Hag on tap.

Tillerman said...

Ahah! Mojo is getting warm. The homes of some of the beers are indeed a clue.

And family connections will be a help in finding the answers.

The beers and the sailing team will give you the general area.

The specific town will be given by finding the answer to question 2.

Once you have the town, finding the pub will be easy.

Tillerman said...

Woodbridge is very warm, but not actually the answer.

Anonymous said...

@ Mojo: Yeah, I tried Googling the "Two Roads Double IPA on tap" and got nuthin'.

Tillerman said...

I see Mojo had a link to places where you can buy Sea Hag beers, but the place I was at is not on that list. I guess because it was "new" on tap at this establishment.

And likewise Mitch came up short in finding a list of places that have the Two Roads Double IPA on tap.

The locations of the breweries are only clues to the general location. Don't pubs like to carry some local brews?

Anonymous said...

1. Playwright Irish Bar in Hamden, CT
2. 40 inches of snow!
3. Connecticut College, 22nd in the men's rankings and 19th in the womens.

i hope I'm right because otherwise i just wasted 20 minutes playing with my google.

i'm anonymous because this comment form appears not to like iPads. But you can call me Abe.

Tillerman said...

Well done Abe!

You have the answers to the first two questions correct. I had thought that the fact that the first two beers on the menu were from small breweries in the New Haven area would be be a good clue to the general locality. And Hamden was indeed famous as the town having the highest snowfall in Storm Nemo a fact easily discoverable on the Google. Another Google for an Irish pub in Hamden and you will find the Playwright.

However you don't have the right answer to Question 3. The Connecticut College Sailing Team practice on the Thames River in New London. There is a much more highly ranked team much closer to Hamden. I was almost certain that Mojo would work this one out first!

Mojo said...

Yes, my Bulldogs!

Anonymous said...

Call me Genie!
The answer to the third question is Yale. And their womens' team is coming second in the rankings.

Tillerman said...

Bingo! You have it all.

Tillerwoman and I were in Hamden CT this week babysitting our youngest grandchild, Isabel (15 months old.) She and her parents live a short distance away from the Playwright Pub in Hamden, which we visited twice during the week. Hamden did indeed get the heaviest recorded snowfall from Storm Nemo, and it took them a long time to dig out. They were still clearing the sidewalks this week, 10/11 days after the storm. Hamden is on the northern outskirts of New Haven, home of course to Yale University, and the Yale sailing team sails out of Branford, a few miles east of New Haven.

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