Sunday, February 10, 2013


What I wish I had been doing today.

What I was actually doing today.

Yes, we had a bit of snow from Storm Nemo. But today was a beautifully sunny day with a light breeze of maybe up to 10 knots forecast. Would have been a good day for Laser frostbiting in Newport.

There were only two problems..

1. The giant snowdrift outside my garage door which would have to be moved before I could get my car and my Laser (on its trailer) out of the garage. We had dug and carried away most of it by the time this photo was taken.

2. Sailing was canceled anyway. Apparently there were huge snowdrifts down at Sail Newport too which meant that it was impossible to access the boats (most fleet members leave their Lasers there) and, in any case, there was nowhere to park. The fleet captain advised us that we should stay away today so the state could plow the roads at Fort Adams and that instead we should, "Dig, Dig, Dig!"

I took his advice. I dug, dug, dug. So did Tillerwoman.

The good news is that I can now get my car and boat out of the garage.

Anyone for sailing this week?


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

I sailed today. OPB. It was friggin' cold. Didn't enjoy it. Almost DFL. But it was the first race of 2013. Sometimes you have to quote Tom Cruise: WTF!

bonnie said...

Wow. Once again appreciating how lightly we got off here in NYC.

Baydog said...


Baydog said...

That snowbank would make a great snowcave for the TillerGrandchildren.

Baydog said...

Don't forget to bend your knees while scooping....get my drift?

Tillerman said...

It would have done, but most of it has been demolished now. We had hoped at one time to have all the family at our house this weekend to celebrate three family birthdays this week. but we canceled those plans because of the storm. However all four grandchildren had plenty of snow at their houses for sledding and snowballs and even snowcaves. Our youngest Isabel lives in the town in CT which, according to the National Weather Service, had the most snowfall - 40".

Unknown said...

Ahoy Tillerman,
After our little exchange on my blog, I see you have had what looks like 6' of snow! We had a sprinkling earlier today, but thankfully its all melted (otherwise we would be into school closures etc, we really aren't good at dealing with snow).
Cheers, Mark.

Anonymous said...

not been running since new years day (its been cold and dark - what do you expect?!!?!?). But forced myself out this I set off it started to snow. It's a sign - I promise not to do it again.

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