Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Day of Fall Sailing

It was a wonderful summer.

Three of my good sailing friends are going to the Laser Masters Worlds in October and they have been happy to come out and sail with me at various locations around Rhode Island during the summer as part of their preparation for the Worlds. As a result I have done much more training with a partner or a small group and less solo sailing than I usually do. It's been fun.

But this week was different. You would think my friends would all be training hard before flying off to France.

But no.

One of my friends has already left for France traveling via Turkey and Georgia.

 A friend in Georgia

And another friend, who originally said he wanted to sail a lot this week, has had his travel arrangements disrupted by the Air France pilots' strike and is preparing to travel earlier, so now he can't sail.

A French pilot

And my third friend has a shoulder injury and is resting it before going to Hyères.

A shoulder

So I'm back to sailing on my own again this week.

Tuesday was a superb, warm early fall day. The winds were forecast to be light so I did a bit of reading about light air technique and then headed over to Bristol planning to practice roll tacks and roll gybes and light air starts and stuff.

When I got there it was honking. So I practiced trying to keep the long pointy thing aiming at the sky and worked on making impressive whoop whoop sounds as I rode the waves on screaming reaches across the harbor.

It was one of the best days for sailing this year with some nice chunky waves and lots of refreshing spray. I came home and had a couple of glasses of Smuttynose IPA and slept like a baby.

Tuesday's sail, the 43rd of the year, was sponsored by ACCOMABP, the Allegheny County Chapter of Moms Against Body Painting.


bonnie said...

OK, they cancelled the Sebago Cup this year due to conditions of heavy honk; I was quite pleased with myself for keeping the long pointy thing aimed at the sky but I neglected to whoop whoop. Next time maybe.

Tillerman said...

Whoop Whoop is fast. Singing 'Wheels on the Bus' is even faster.

Baydog said...

Who's the dude with the long hair wearing #43? I was expecting someone different. Tillerman, we need a crew for this Saturday...Challenge cup 2014. You in? And shoulder is some of the most tender, succulent meat on any animal.

Tillerman said...

Baydog, according to Wikipedia, the dude with the long hair is fond of surfing, growing flowers, making furniture and playing the piano. I hear he has a contract with Head & Shoulders shampoo and that the shampoo people have insured his hair for a million dollars. I think he also plays handegg.

Thanks for the invitation for Saturday but we are planning to go and watch my 6-year-old grandson play football. He scored a goal for his team in their first game this season!

And thanks for the concern about my friend's shoulder. I'm sure her shoulder is tender but I don't think she would appreciate being called an animal.

Anonymous said...

You mean 'soccer', I presume. We are in America, after all...
But congratulations on the goal, nevertheless. May there be others!


Tillerman said...

I think the game that my grandson plays is called soccer in the American language. But it's known as football in English.

Judith Krimski said...

Love the shoulder photo. But it turned out it' my neck not my shoulder. Anyway I will power through and deal with the consequences later. I may replace our standard "GAHHHH!" with the WHOOP WHOOP! Sounds faster.

Tillerman said...

Good luck Judy. And your neck will probably be pleased to hear that the forecast for the first two days of racing at Hyeres (Sunday and Monday) is for light winds.

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