Sunday, August 13, 2006

O'Pen Bic

Is this boat - the O'Pen Bic - the future of junior sailing? Could it be the Opti killer? A fast, planing hull. Fully battened windsurfer-like sail. None of that tedious bailing after a capsize. And a clever idea to make the transition easy for current Opti owners: you can just buy the hull of the O'Pen Bic and use your current Opti rig with it - then buy the O'Pen Bic rig later. And to my old geezer eyes it looks way more cool than an Opti.

The O'Pen Bic looks like a winner to me. Wonder when Cutest Granddaughter In The World will be ready for one?


Stephen Macklin said...

The chairman of BIC is an avid sailor. If this is successful, look for them to come out with a larger version.

Anonymous said...

Cool little boat... looks like a good one to start kids off in... and looks like it'll scream.

Anonymous said...

It is a cool boat.

There was a flame war at SA about a month a go regarding the Opti, a few of us suggested the BIC as a way to save junior sailing.

Shopping City Chaplaincy said...

The optimist is a shoe box by comparison, why would anyone want to sail it when you can sail the Bic?

Mind you I first sailed the International Cadet ( ) when I was a teenager. I can't imagine that doing very well against a bigger Bic when it comes

Carol Anne said...

Buy CGITW one of those about the time she learns to walk.

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