Thursday, August 24, 2006

Racing Rules Video

Check out the recently released DVD Learn the Racing Rules with Dave Dellenbaugh. There is a trailer here.

A lot of the footage in the DVD was of the Cedar Point YC Laser Fleet racing one Sunday last fall. As it turned out, the director of the video turned up to shoot the fleet on the weekend when it was my turn to help with race committee and I was assigned to drive the boat for him.
He just sent me a complimentary copy of the DVD set as a thank you.

Actually I think I was really supposed to be a safety boat but these Laser frostbite sailors are tough and self-sufficient and rarely need any outside assistance. So I was able to spend most of the afternoon maneuvering the boat to give the cameraman the best shots of crowded mark rounding and starts and so on.

Hmmm - wonder if this could be the start of a new career in the movies?


frankie said...

I find the music fits perfectly... got the feeling of sea in my face!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't making movies distract you from the goal of world Laser domination?

Anonymous said...

Sensitive issue:

Should I be spending money on this DVD, in the vague pursuit of glory in the protest room?

Pat said...

Ummm, if you know the rules better, maybe it can help you stay out of the protest room.

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