Monday, August 14, 2006

World's First Heavy Weather Laser Slalom Championship

Thanks to rock steady on the Laser Forum for pointing us to this one.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it does get a bit windy on the bay...........but those guys were...are insane...I always see a crazy Laser sailor out when it's heavy.

Great video by the way.

Ant said...

Who won...I would love to actually know who the 30 nutters were?

Tillerman said...

If this really is of the first running of the Laser Slalom in San Francisco in 1974 then it was won by John Bertrand.

Tillerman said...

There's been some discussion about this video over at the Laser forum...

"Chris Boome says the film is actually of the second Laser Slalom (which he won!)... John Bertrand is the guy with the headband in 7815, Steve Jeppeson, who Boomer says was the best downwind, was in 7816. Oh yeah, Chris is the guy capsizing on the dock in the beginning of the video."

GooseNeck said...

Hi Guys

Thanks for the information.
I had seen this movie for years and I did not know the year of the race neither the crazy sailors ( unless J.Bertrand).
Pls, give more details and I will include in this crazy laser movie.

GooseNeck said...


gooseneck = josepinho(


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