Friday, August 04, 2006


OK. OK. I admit it.

Moths are faster than Lasers.

But you didn't have to rub it in quite so badly.


Anonymous said...

Malarkey! European Moths are faster than Lasers, but Classic Moths while still fast, are no match for a Laser. The Classic Moth rates 107.1, and the Laser rates 91.1. (Both DPN) The Classic Moths are still really cool boats though. We get a bunch of em every year at the Merrimac Memorial Regatta. Check out the Classic Moth here.

Tillerman said...

Geeze this is so confusing. And I thought the video was of an International Moth.

Anonymous said...

It gets worse... lol. If you go to, there's a class association for the "U.S. Modern Moth" I'll stick with my Laser thank you!

Anonymous said...

Now, what Tillerman has to do is build a Laser Foiler... and then the Lasers will reign supreme once again.

Tillerman said...

European, Classic, International, US Modern, Australian, British, French, Vintage.. my head hurts. And isn't the Europe some variation on the Moth too?

Anonymous said...

From the Moth video author ...
Firstly, I am not against lasers, the moths rocket around the course like multihulls, rarely if ever engaging in tactics. Lasers offer heaps of oportunities to engage with each other... fun!

I just couldn't help myself that day highlighting the contrast.

Moth design rules are "brief"
Max length and width of boat,
max height of mast and max area of sail as measured as a simple triangle. This is why there are such huge variations ... it is a development class, contantly changing. Like it or not, completely different philosophy to Lasers. Where the skill is mostly in the sailor.

Some people / regions have tried to limit / standardise the moth rules a bit, which is where the various names come in.

Finally, I have also put up some

free sailing coaching videos

onto my website, which you may find useful (not about moths) :)

happy sailing

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