Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coming Soon

OK. Tillerwoman and I are off to Australia today for spring training. No, strike that. I mean we are going so I can sail in the 2008 Laser Masters Worlds. Full accounts of all the sailing will be posted here after our return in mid-March.

In the meantime... do whatever you were doing before I interrupted you.


EVK4 said...

wow. Mid-March. If you're going to be gone that long you'd better have a good time. Enjoy.

Kathy said...

Thought about you today as we hosted a delightful young man from Melbourne.

Good luck with the sailing and have a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

Bon vent as they say in France

OG said...

Hey Tillerman!!!

Have a great time! I was going to try and get down there but stuff has come up.

Try and catch up with my Dad. He is the loud outlandish character - The name on his boat is OLD MULLET.


Tim said...

42nd! Not bad!

PeconicPuffin said...

We need an it mid March yet? Can't you post just one photo? How about some calloused hands (better than that feet post but at this point I'll take what I can get.)

Anonymous said...

Feb 10... has it been that long? C'mon Tillerman, give us something. Otherwise, I am going to have to start catching up on current events.

EVK4 said...

Is it mid-March yet?

Menchuvian Candidate said...

Ahem! There comes a time, during even the best of vacations, when it is time to return home. and write.

Or at least send a postcard. sheesh.

Litoralis said...

Tillerman is currently on his way home. He and Tillerwoman left Western Australia last night (Tuesday) and will arrive home tomorrow night (Thursday).

Anonymous said...

We want Tillerman! We want Tillerman! We want Tillerman! We want Tillerman!

Heck he's been gone so long I've been tempted to buy a Hobie or a Moth.

And without this blog to read with my morning coffee, I've realized how truly bad the coffee is around here.

Team Gherkin said...

Hope everything is going OK for you all in your world, Admiral Tillerman.

Mal :)

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