Friday, February 08, 2008

She'll Be Apples

I needn't have worried. Terrigal didn't disappoint. The weather improved and two races were sailed on Day 2 of the Young Guy Real Laser Sailor Worlds today according to the championship website.

The races started in light rain but shortly afterwards the sun came out. Woo hoo. Tillerwoman will be pleased to hear that. She won't allow it to rain when she returns to her native Australia.

There were lots of waves, big swell and light breeze... at least that was how it was described by one of the guys who got yellow-flagged twice for pumping. His other excuse was that he heeled the boat over to check for weed under the boat and was only flattening it afterwards. Hmmm. Must remember that one.

Trapezoid courses can be confusing at times. Nobody should feel bad about getting lost after that dude Slingsby, whom I was writing about earlier in the week, went round the wrong windward mark in the first race. Current standings in the 160 boat fleet for other guys that I've mentioned here from time to time are Brad Funk 5th, Gustavo Lima 12th, Andrew Campbell 21st and Raul Aguayo 61st.

I'm pumped up. We are scheduled to be in Sydney on Tuesday and in Terrigal on Thursday. Racing in the Old Farts Laser Worlds starts on Sunday.

No worries mate. She'll be apples.


Litoralis said...

Did you see that they are using the new glass wrapped foam and vinyl ester resin centerboards and rudders (i.e., the yellowish ones)?

Anonymous said...

Good luck down under, and my best wishes for beating "that guy" (if he's even going)!

Anonymous said...

As I once said, "Nothing is certain but death and taxes, and that "that guy" will always show up at every regatta Tillerman attends."

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