Friday, February 08, 2008

Terrigal Laser Launch Crew

It has come to my attention that today's Fish on Fridays post did not meet the high standards set by Mr. Joe Rouse of San Francisco, the author of the famous sailing blog The Horse's Mouth, in that when Mr. Rouse started the Fish on Fridays meme it was specifically understood by the author and all his readers that every picture in the series would show at least one lovely young lady wearing a skimpy bikini holding a very large fish, and not some ugly Australian dude wearing a skimpy mustache holding a slug with gills...

So for Mr Rouse and all his fans, here is a picture of the young ladies who, I have it on very good authority from a usually reliable source, have been hired by the organizers of the Laser Masters Worlds in Australia as launching assistants to carry our Lasers down to the water each day and carry them back to the boat park each evening.

Eat your heart out Joe Rouse. You don't get service like that at Force 5 regattas.


Tim Coleman said...

Thats one cheeky photo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tillerman.
Speaking on behalf of our fellow female sport compatriots, may I respectfully make the suggestion that - in order to keep your blog balanced and non-sexist - you post a picture of a group of males Master sailors in tight hiking shorts strutting their stuff?

On second thoughts ... perhaps not. DB might get ideas.

Zen said...

thank you for requested eye test. Mine are working well!

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